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replace the Air Idle Control Valve for starters

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Q: When I drive my 1991 acura integra the engine revs up and down then stalls out?
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Is an Acura Integra a rear wheel drive car?

front wheel drive

Why does the drive dash light not come on when in drive on a 1990 acura integra?

it may need a new bulb

Why would a 1997 acura integra to jump when it is shifted into drive with all engine mounts fine?

If it's an auto trans then torque converter is bad or unlined bad

What fast engine from acura will fit my 1994 Honda civic ex 2dr?

B18C, depending on you local smog laws a B18C from a jdm Acura Integra would be the easiest and cheapest way to get your civic going faster. Drive safe

How do you take off a 1990 acura integra GS manual transmission drain plug?

1/2 drive Ratchet

What can you drive that starts with the letter I?

· Ibiza (Seat) · Impala (Chevrolet) · Imperial (Chrysler) · Infiniti · Integra (Acura) · Intrepid (Dodge) · Ion (Saturn) · Iso Grifo

If you unplug the vehicle speed sensor in a 2001 acura integra gs-r and drive it would the miles on the speedometer stop?

Yes, along with a few other items of importance.

Where is the starter motor located on a 1995 Acura Integra?

the starter is on transmission's side above the right drive axle It bolts on close to where the transmission bolts to the engine. It's held on by a few bolts and is about the size of a 12 oz pop can. You should be able to see it without getting under the car.

My 2000 Ford Festiva stalls when its come to a stop in drive the rev's fall low and the car shudders before the engine completely stalls transmissions just been replaced what might be causing it?

Mine did that, it was the fuel pump!

Why does your 1986 Oldsmobile Calais stalls when brakes are applied?

engine idleing to slow turn up your idle to 1500 rpm at idle drive safe

Why would your car start but when you go to drive stalls out?

the fuel shortage going and the magnito stops when not enough fuel or to much air goes into the engine.

Where is the manual transmission fluid reservoir in an 95' Acura integra?

There isn't a manual transmission fluid reservoir in an 95 Integra. The fluid is poured directly into the transmission case via the 17mm fill bolt, located at about 10 o'clock above where the passenger side drive shaft connects to the transmission, as looking at the end of the tranny.