When John caboto died?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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actually John Cabot died in 1498

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Q: When John caboto died?
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Where did Giovanni Caboto die?

Giovanni Caboto died on the year of 1498 and born the year of 1450 Genoa,Italy

What is john cabots real name?

John Cabot's Italian name was Giovanni Caboto.

When did 'John Cabot' die?

Giovanni Caboto known in English as John Cabot(1450 - 1498).

Was caboto a European or a Portuguese?

Giovanni Caboto (John Cabot) was Italian. Italy is part of Europe.

Who was John Cabots father?

Guilo Caboto

Who was Guilo Caboto?

it is john cabots dad

What did Giovanni Caboto explored?

John Cabot / Giovanni Caboto explored modern day Newfoundland and Nova Scotia in Canada.

When did Giovanni Caboto explore Canada?

John Cabot / Giovanni Caboto explored the Canadian area in the year of 1497.

Did john caboto marry his mother?

oh yeah

What was john cabots dad name was?

guilo caboto

What Was John Cabot's Italian Name?

Giovanni Caboto

What did john Cabot mom work for?

Natalie Caboto worked with her husband Guilo Caboto and they owned a spice trading company.