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When KBrO3is heated it decomposes into KBr and oxygen.The balanced equation is 2 KBrO3 -> 2 KBr + 3 O2.

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Solid silver oxide is heated?

When Silver Oxide(Ag2O) is heated, it decomposes into Silver and Oxygen. The balanced equation of this is 2 Ag2O -> 4 Ag + O2

What is the balanced formula equation when calcium chlorate is heated?

Ca(ClO3)2 ---> CaCl2 + 3O2 is the balanced equation when calcium chlorate is heated.

What is the balanced equation for heated solid calcium chlorate?

Ca(ClO3)2 = CaCl2+3O2 is the balanced equation.

What is the balanced equation of sulfuric acid heated?

That's not an equation, it's an action.

What is the chemical name for heated magnesium?

That would be Magnesium Oxide (since a single element cannot decompose) which decomposes into Magnesium and Oxygen. Magnesium Oxide --> Magnesium + Oxygen or the balanced chem. equation: 2MgO --> 2Mg + 02

What happens to potassium carbonate when heated?

When sufficiently heated, potassium carbonate decomposes to potassium oxide and carbon dioxide gas according the equation K2CO3 -> K2O + CO2.

When heated potassium nitrate decomposes to form?

When heated potassium nitrate decomposes to form :K O^2NO

What happens when limestone decomposes?

When heated it decomposes to Co2+Clacium Oxide.

What atoms will be found when mercury II oxide is heated and decomposes?

The products are Hg and O2. The chemical equation is 2HgO --> 2Hg + O2.

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