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What are the seven kinds of sky condition?

The symbols for sky conditions that I know are clear, partly cloudy, generally cloudy, cloudy, overcast and rain.

How much glucose does a plant make?

Plants make enough glucose to be used during the night and on cloudy days when they don't get sunlight. The extra glucose is stored in the plant's leaves and other parts.

What are glucose test results?

If glucose is present, the solution will go clear blue, then cloudy green, then yellow and finally red - the precipate of copper (1) oxide.

When the lens of the eye become opaque and cloudy this condition is called what?

Senile cataract

What is the medical term meaning condition that occurs when the lens of the eye gets cloudy?


How does x less than negative 1 look?

X It looks partly cloudy.

What is the condition where the lens of the eye gradually becomes cloudy and causes blurred or partial vision?


Why are frogs eyes cloudy when they die?

If your frog's eyes are smoky, cloudy, foggy, or blueish, he most likely has a condition known as Cloudy Eye. ... These are probably due to being banged around while they were being shipped to the pet store or on the ... This can result in death.

What are some negative adjectives that begin with the letter C?


What is the negative color of silver nitrate?

The silver nitrate is originally clear and transparent. Without any chemical reactions or negative ions the color does not change. However, the color of the negative silver nitrate is cloudy and has a whitish, silver, color to it.

Is cloudy a noun?

No, the word cloudy is not a noun. The word cloudy is an adjective.

What are the negative effects of algae bloom?

Cloudy, possibly poisonous water blocking filtration equipment, reduced effectiveness of sanitation chemicals.

What are the 5 terms used to describe how cloudy it is on any givin day?

clear,partly cloudy,cloudy,mostly cloudy,and overcast

Would you expect a plant to produce more oxygen oa cloudy day or a sunny day and why?

On a sunny day to give off energy, food (glucose), and oxygen

Does rain when its cloudy?

# Yes it does rain when when it's cloudy. In fact it only rains when its cloudy.

What types of clouds are partly cloudy?

All clouds are not partly cloudy they are entirely cloudy.

Is Venus cloudy?

Yes it is very cloudy.

What part of speech is cloudy?

cloudy is an adjective.

What parts of speech cloudy?

"Cloudy" is an adjective.

What Is a Synonym of cloudy?

The synonym of cloudy Is vague

How do you say cloudy in Japanese?

Kumori (曇り) --- meaning cloudy, cloudy weather, etc.

What is hink pinks for cloudy 24 hours?

grey day

Is cloudy an abstract noun?

No, the word 'cloudy' is an adjective, a word used to describe a noun (a cloudy day, a cloudy mixture).The noun form of the adjective 'cloudy' is cloudiness, a concrete noun; a word for a physical property of something.

Should sperm be watery or cloudy looking?


How do you say cloudy in Spanish?

Cloudy in spanish is nublado.