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What Narcissists Will Do Eariler SourcesA narcissist will take as much supply as they can. Both new and old. They enjoy playing with both. They can vacillate from old to new effortlessly. Basically they will take as much as anyone is willing to give them. The best answer is to cut of their supply permanently. For your own sake that is. They will whine, fight and cry about it bit you have to ultimately put yourself first. They do not look at what's in your best interest. Only their own.

You bet they will! Having two people fight over them is the ultimate way of getting attention and assuring narcessitic supply! But just to be clear - there is nothing in it for you. You are in a powerless situation, fighting for the crumbs that fall of his or her table.

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How do you tell if a narcissist is done and will leve me alone?

A narcissist will leave you alone when they find another source of narcissistic supply they think is better/more exciting than you.

Does narcissist regret losing their source of supply?

A narcissist does not have a conscience. They will find a new source of narcissist supply or already have another source as a back up if they no longer can obtain the fix from the current victim.

How does a narcissist behave in court when they owe you money?

If the narcissist regards you as a potential future source of narcissistic supply, he will seek to compromise. If he has given up on you as a source of supply - he will fight you tooth and nail.

What happens to a narcissist when he is forced to give up his supply source?

He simply finds a new source.

Will a vindictive Narcissist stop harassing you when he finds a new source of supply?

Depends on the new source.

Can a narcissist hold on to a former permanent partner when they have found a new source?

Being completely self centered, they would probably go for whichever person is better, or cheat on them both.

What are examples of the terms trigger supply source of narcissist supply and narcissist supply?

1. The trigger of supply is the person or object that provokes the source into yielding narcissistic supply by confronting the source with information about the narcissist's False Self.2. The source of narcissistic supply is the person that provides the narcissistic supply.3. Narcissistic supply is the reaction of the source to the trigger.

How do you deal with your narcissist wife?

There is an excellent source for dealing with narcissists at:

Will a narcissist return even when he has a new supply source?

Sometimes they do if the other supply misses some qualities you had that he feels he needs in order to feel better and also to torture both of you to feed his ego.

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What happens to a narcissist when they are ignored?

They will find someway to even the score, and or, find another source of narcissistic supply.

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A narcissist doesn't always use another woman as N supplyit can be another source right?

Yes, I believe that this is true, it doesn't have to be another woman. I have recently witnessed someone that I believe is a narcissist (but not a malignant narcissist) go FROM an NS of male friends TO an NS of another woman. But the male friends were the NS for quite some time. I think the narcissist will use as an NS anyone - male or female - that satisfies his need for narcissistic supply.

Will ex Narcissist boyfriend maybe contact you after you have exposed him and now he is totally no contact?

Depending on the level of injury you have caused, he will contact you again to see if you still are a source. That is why its so important for you to apply the NO CONTACT rule. Move on, he does not have your best intrest at heart. Toxic

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Is a narcissist capable of love?

A narcissist is not capable of love. The narcissist is a heartless, soulless individual. "Love" to the narcissist is the feeling of euphoria that he/she gets when a new narcissistic supply source has been found. Because they are extremely enamored, they project the feeling of being in madly in love with you, therefore fooling you into thinking it's genuine love. They actually might believe it themselves (kind of like pathological liars or people who pass lie detector tests) because they are mentally ill. Trying to ride out that relationship with the narcissist? Save yourself the pain and RUN!

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