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When a Narcissist finds a new and better source might he also try to keep an earlier now less important source in his life but treat her of less value?


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What Narcissists Will Do Eariler Sources

A Narcissist will take as much supply as they can. Both new and old. They enjoy playing with both. They can vacillate from old to new effortlessly. Basically they will take as much as anyone is willing to give them. The best answer is to cut of their supply permanently. For your own sake that is. They will whine, fight and cry about it bit you have to ultimately put yourself first. They do not look at what's in your best interest. Only their own.

You bet they will! Having two people fight over them is the ultimate way of getting attention and assuring narcessitic supply! But just to be clear - there is nothing in it for you. You are in a powerless situation, fighting for the crumbs that fall of his or her table.