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yes, as long as she wants. she is more then likely tryin to get to know someone else a little better so i suggest you do the same. theres plenty of fish in the sea. thats not always true mygirlfriend wants space and she didnt meet anyone new i hope

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โˆ™ 2008-02-08 23:11:14
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Q: When a girl asks for space should you give it to her and when you give her space would it really help and how long should you give her this space?
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your to clingy, back off a bit.

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No it means to give her some space

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What do you do if you ex-boyfriend asks out your best friend?

I think it's best to talk to her. If she was really your best friend she would understand where you are coming from, and he should too. Help her, and him, understand how much it hurts. You deserve to be happy.

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