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Well I know this is really weird but sometime girl do that because they don't know what else to do! Cause she may like you and get scared! (I should know! he he he!) So yeah! If she acts like really angry like not at all funny than that just means she's pissed! But if she hits you and she like smiles while like yelling "Stop it" or something like that than yes that could mean that she likes you!

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Try to act funny or try to hit on you hahahaha get it

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Q: When a girl hits you what does it mean?
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What does it mean if an aggressive girl constantly hits you?

she likes you

What does it mean when a little boy hits a little girl he likes?

That means the boy likes the girl What elsa does that mean.

What does poppin cherries mean?

it means that when the girl hits a organism they start to bleed.

What does it mean when a girl keeps making fun of you and hits you but in a joking way?

She likes you

What does it mean when a boy hits you with a football twice for no reason?

if you are a girl that means that he hates you or he wants to get with you

What does watagatapitusberrry mean?

It is a Spanish vulgar statement meaning: Wata = hits, , Gata= girl, pitus= for your, berry= vagina.

What does watagatapitusberry mean?

Wata=hits Gata=girl Pitus=for your Berry=vagina Watagatapitusberry its Santo Domingo Spanish that's the key to the answer Wata means girl gata means hits pitus means for your berry means vagina

What does it mean when a girl hits a guy?

well, I'm a girl. it all depends on how she hits you. is it constantly? does she laugh when she does it? does she seem serious, is she known as an aggressive person? if she does it jokingly and it doesn't seem to hurt she probably has a crush on you. if she is known as an aggressive girl then she probably does it to keep her reputation. if it hurts but she doesn't seem like she wants to hurt you just laugh and tell her calmly that really hurts and id like it if you stopped. it can mean alot of things when a girl hits you. just see how she acts around you when shes not hitting you then you should figure out why this girl hits u.

When a girl hits a guy she likes and he doesn't do anything back what does that mean?

how do u not know, if he dosent do anything he abvoustley likes her

What does it mean if a girl physically hits or pinches you?

It means it's your turn to throw a punch back at her full forced to the face.

What does it mean when a girl hits her but on your hands?

Clearly no one has a clue and us guys everywhere will be left wondering these mysteries for the rest of our lives.

If Chris Brown hits a girl does that mean he is gay?

Yes he has hit a girl but NO that doesn't make him a fag. If what you said was true, then all of these girls hitting boys would be known as lesbians