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a guy can/will be mean or make fun of a girl in front of friends, but if he acts differently by himself that will mean he likes the girl.

(or that he's acting to fit in with friends.)

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When a girl makes fun of a guy does it mean she loves him?

Well if she is flirty with you or acts all different around you then she probably does like you.

If a guy makes fun of you does he like you?

oh it depends :-) what did he say?

What does it mean when a girl tells a guy you are fun?

that means that they like being around that guy. it does not always mean that they like the guy but it could mean that they like to hang out with the girl. that means that they like being around that guy. it does not always mean that they like the guy but it could mean that they like to hang out with the girl.

Do girl like scars on a guy face?

It depends on the girl. Sometimes it makes the guy look tough and sometimes it makes him look sweet.

How can I get a guy to say likes me?

you can get a guy to like you by hanging out with him or laughing at his jokes if he makes jokes but if he makes fun of you he likes you definitely likes you

What kind of girl does an outgoing guy like?

An outgoing guy might like a girl who is outgoing as well. He may like a girl with a sense of humor, who likes to try new things, and is fun to be around.

What do girls mostly like about a guy?

what a girl like about a guy is they are smart and talent and they are fun and they are sweet and they make them laugh. and they are love able .

What should you do if the guy you like likes the girl who makes your life a misery when you are preteen?

well you make that girl look like a terrible person. then the guy will simply ignore the other girl and you will have a chance to get to him.

How do guys act when they see a girl that they like with another guy?

They'll be jealous and they try to make fun of you or they just ignore you. One time at school this boy used to like me and he found out that i was going out with another guy and he got jealous and he was making fun of me but i just ignored him. And if any guy that used to like you or you used to like and he makes fun of you for going out with another guy i would just ignore them....pretend they're not even there....picture them as gorillas with diapers on....lol I'm serious!

Why would a girl like a guy who makes fun of her constantly rather than a guy who is always nice to her?

Maybe because he is hotness. If someone is hot, at least someone will like them no matter how evil they are. and maybe she goes for the bad boyy type. when i guy is mean they like you ive learned from personal experience.

Why did the game creators make birdo a guy when he looks like girl?

Its been said by Nintendo that "Birdo is a guy who thinks hes a girl." Which makes him transgender.

Why can a girl like guy sports but a guy not like girl sports?

girls are more understanding and tolerant; they don't make fun. guys, this is in general, im a guy to so don't be like "that's sexist" cuz im a guy too Im not entirely sure why us guys are like that but im not like that. Im and Irish dancer and its alot of fun. I guess guys just gotta be big and tough and all.

Do girls like it when a guy looks at a teens breast?

No they do not. its rude and mean and it makes a girl not like you because your just a slob or it makes them feel like your a player

If a guy is making fun of you about your weight but looks at you a lot?

This could be a sign that the guy is truly interested in you, he doesn't know how to say it. You can pull him to the side and let him know that you don't like it when he makes fun of you.

Why do girls like to be tickled?

girls like to be tickled because it makes the guy and girl laugh and that feels like a flirt

How do you tell a girl you like talking to them?

When you are talking to the girl just say something like "your really fun to talk to" its as easy as that! I am a girl and if a guy said that to me i would be so happy i would be speechless!

What is 1 thing that boys love doing with girls?

Having fun if the Guy really likes the girl whatever makes her happy makes him happy or vise versa :3

If a Guy Makes fun of my legs and Girls tell me i have cute legs to be a guy does it mean a guy is Jealous?

It could be possible that the guys are jealous since the girls like your legs.

What does a guy notice in a girl that makes him want her?

How she acts around people and how she dresses. But you shouldent care A guy will like you how you are. Just be patient.

What makes a guy more attractive to a girl?

girls like guy with long hair and is carefree or guys with short hair and is athletic

How do you tell if a guys like you this guy i like names Micheal he makes up stuff to touch me is that normal?

It is normal for a guy to want to touch you. Especially if you are a girl.

How can you know if a girl is interested in you?

When I like a guy for some reason I make fun of them (nicely). I stare at them constantly, and get mad when he talks to any other girl.

What is Taylor Lautners dreamgurl like?

He wants a girl who is kind, funny and smart. A girl who he can have fun with. I never picture Taylor a very choosy guy.

I have this guy who jokes with me a lot my height makes faces makes fun of how i like to read does he like me?

well does he show you affection in any way...... if he does then he is trying to show you he does like you but hes to shy to say it...........

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