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no it mean it is means its happy

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What does it mean when a hamster puts its ears up?

when the hamster puts it ears up it mean he is happy

What does it mean when a hamster puts his ears up?

He is listening to his surroundings.

What does it mean when a a hamster puts up its tail and ears?


What does it mean when a hamsters ears are up?

If a hamster has its ears up then it means it is awake and alert. When the ears are back then they are tired and may be less friendly

What if your hamster stands on its hind legs?

A hamster will stand tall on it back legs with ears up. It means that the hamster is listening to something that has caused its attention.

Will it hurt the hamster if you picked it up by its skin?

It's fine to pick a hamster by the skin behind his ears, but anywhere else it might hurt your hamster.

What does it mean when a hamster throws up?

The Hamster is sick, and it needs to be taken to a Veterinarian.

How do you know when a hamster is wide awake?

because she will put her ears up but if they r down shes sleepy

What does it mean when a dogs ears are up?

When a dog puts it's ears up, it means it is alert and excited.

What does it mean when a bunny has its ears up?

There listening.

What does it mean when a bunnies ears are up?

they are listening.

What does it mean when your female hamster has balls?

That your female hanster is a male hamster The pet store gave u 1 f***** up hamster

What does it mean if a male hamster has a swollen buttocks?

it blows up

What does it mean when hamster wont wake up and it wees?

it is died

What does pick up your ears mean?

It's PRICK up your ears, like an animal does when it's listening very carefully.

What does it mean when your donkeys ears are pointed up?

It means they are alert. listening. or paying attention. (if the ears are forward) If the ears are pointed back it can mean irritation or anger or fear.

Should you bring your hamster inside because of the cold?

Yes because he/she may end up freezing to death which is quite sad

What does it mean when rabbits ears stick up?

they are curious

What does it mean when you eat a piece of hamster poop and you start to cough and spit up?

It means you shouldn't be eating hamster feces.

Do robovoski hamsters bite?

well no and yes, if you make any hamster mad or unhappy they might bite if your hamsters ears are laid back ( not from just waking up) then you might want to leave your hamster alone. If your hamster is making a chittering nose then your or any hamster is annoyed also hamster rarely bite unless they are new to your home.

Is it okay to bring a hamster on a airplane?

Bringing a Hamster on an airplane is not recommended, because of the fact, well When gaining Ascending or Descending, it causes air to fill up in your head, and make your ears pop, sense they are so small, with small heads and small ears. it probably would severely hurt them.

What does it mean when bunnies stick their ears up?

They are alert and listening.

What does it mean when a dogs ears stand up?

that they are nervous or alert

What does ears up mean by a rabbit?

Becoming alert for danger.

What does the idiom pick up your ears mean?

pay attention.

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