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When a man pees blood he has a kidney failure.

Run to the doctor immedietly!

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Q: When a man pee blood?
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Can a man use woman's pee?

for a UA yeah it doesnt matter... but if you used blood that would be different

Blood in pee after period?

Having blood in pee after period is actually quite common. This is the last of the blood leaving your system.

Is it normal for red nose puppy to pee blood?

It is NEVER normal for a puppy to pee blood. If there is blood in the urine contact your vet

Do you lose vitamin c when you pee?

no it is not only in your pee it is in your blood

How do fleas suck blood?

they bite the buttocks & drink the blood then they pee it out since bloods a liquid! they bite the buttocks & drink the blood then they pee it out since bloods a liquid! they bite the buttocks & drink the blood then they pee it out since bloods a liquid!

Today you pee and it burn but when you pee again it was little blood in your pee what does that mean?

u have a urinary tract infection

What does it mean when you pee blood but no blood in pad?


Does you pee come out the same hole as your period blood?

No. Your pee comes out of a smaller opening above the vagina and ur menstrual blood comes out of your vagina.

Can a man use a woman's pee to take a drug test?

a man can't use the pee of his clean wife for his drug test?

What is a man ball?

When people refer to a man ball they mean that little sack under your pee pee long stocking

Is it normal to pee blood while on your period?

Yeah, but you don't really pee blood. When you are on your period, blood could mix with your pee and it could seem like you are peeing blood. It happened to me on my period, too. Don't worry, it will stop when you are done having your period. If you are REALLY peeing blood you need to see a Doctor immediately.

If vampires pee can blood becomes urine?

I dont think vampires pee :P

Is blood in pee pee of yorkie terriers puppy okay?

Any blood in the urine of a dog indicates a health problem. You need to consult your veterinarian.

Why would there be blood in your pee?

If you have urinal infection or a tear in the skin around the urethra it can color the urine. If you are a man you can have problems with your prostate or have a urinal infection.

What is the symptoms of a bladder infection?

feel like you have to pee a lot but nothing or little comes out. very painful to pee and sometimes blood in pee

What is it when you pee out blood?

it is usually your period

Is it normal for a male to pee out blood?


Can you eat tiger pee?

Yes you could. its medicine . Pee mix with blood

What happens if I had my period already but u pee blood?

It might comes from your period and you just think you pee blood

Can a man and a women pee like a boy in the same toilet at the same time?

Yes, because the man has to pee like he usually does and women pee sitting down but like a boy, you have to stand up and aim you vagina properly to make the pee go into the toilet or else the pee is gonna be all over the floor!

What does it mean when you pee a little blood in the bed?

well if you pee blood it chould mean that your drinking alot of orange soda and not drinking water because if you drink alot of orange soda your pee can become really dark and you can start peeing blood but if that do happen drink chocolate milk and it should help

Symptoms of a uti?

You pee blood (well actually when you wipe there's blood

What do dragonflies drink?

Bug's pee and blood

When is the pee color red?

When there is blood in the urine.

Why do males pee blood?

They generally shouldn't...