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A mirror is likely to turn cloudy if you breathe on it. The moisture on your breath condenses on the cold surface of the mirror.

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Q: When a mirror turns cloudy what is happeningwhy?
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When the mirror turns cloudy what is happening?

water vapour in our breath is condensing on the cold surface of the mirror

What happens to the lime water as carbon dioxide mixes?

It turns from a clear, colourless substance to a cloudy, whitish precipitate

What gas is given off when it turns lemonade cloudy?

The gas given off when it turns lemonade cloudy is carbon dioxide. This is due to the formation of calcium bicarbonate which is insoluble.

Why did your 2000 acura 3.2TL rear view mirror get cloudy?

The auto dimming rearview mirror contains chemicals that have either leaked out or deteriorated over time. You will have to replace the mirror.

Where do you find the cloudy mirror on ffx?

in a chocobo race near the temple, where you get the magus sisters.

What is a carbon dioxide test?

limewater turns cloudy in the presence of carbon dioxide

What turns everything around but does not move?

A mirror.

Lime water turns milky in the presence of?

limewater turns milky because when co2 reacts with it the particles make it luk cloudy and milky........... ********************************* And you could add that the cloudy appearance is due to the formation of CaCO3, which is insoluble in water.

When its cloudy where does the sun go?

The sun continues to move across the sky, during the daylight hours, as the earth turns, no matter if the sky is clear or cloudy.

Why breathed-out air turns time water cloudy quicker than breathed-in air?

breathed out air turns lime water cloudy than breathed out air cuz the carbon dioxide content present in breathed out air(0.04% approximately) as compared to breathed out air(4% approximately)so as CO2 passes through lime water it turns lime water cloudy:)

What is the test for dioxide?

Bubbling through limewater. The gas is present if the limewater turns cloudy :)

Which solution turns cloudy when it react with a gas?

i)NaOH + FeCl3 ii) Na2CO3 + CaCl2