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It is not possible for sentencing terms to be amended w/o a new trial being held or the person is deemed eligible for parole and house arrest is mandated terms. The case itself may be subject for appeal, that would be determined by the applicable circumstances.

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Q: When a person is imprisoned can house arrest be granted on an appeal?
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What is the difference between mass arrest and individual arrest?

mass arrest is the arrest of more than 3 individuals and individual arrest is the arrest of one person.

What does the term personal recongnize mean?

A person who has been granted personal recognizance is one who has paid a bond to be released from jail. The person must return to court to face trial on the appropriate date or risk arrest.

No person shall be imprisoned for debt or non-payment of a poll tax?

No person shall be imprisoned for debt or non-payment of a poll tax.

Difference between arrest with and without a warrant?

Without a warrant you must find reasonable grounds to arrest someone, whereas with a warrant your reason to arrest the suspect already exists. Without a warrant a Police Officer can arrest anyone without permission of a Magistrate as long as they follow the correct procedures so their arrest is lawful, which is unlike an arrest with a warrant where you must be granted the warrant to be able to arrest that person. Without a warrant, a Police Officer can mess the arrest up and make it an unlawful arrest but with a warrant it is very unlikely that they make it an unlawful arrest.

How do Seal your felony record in Virginia?

In Virginia, Code Section 19.2-392.2 allows for the expungement of an arrest record, which will strike the arrest from a criminal record if the request is granted. To do this, the person must have been acquitted of the crime or the prosecutor must have decided not to press charges.

In Ohio what type of case must be granted an appeal in the Supreme Court of Ohio?

In Ohio - or any state that still allows capital punishment - a person who has been convicted and sentenced to death has a mandatory right of appeal to the state supreme court (or its equivalent).

What is detenu in legal terms?

a person who is imprisoned.

What are two ways a person can be taken into custody?

Arrest and arrest warrants are two ways that a person can be taken into custody.

Does the state of Colorado have a citizen arrest statute?

Yes, The statute is titled "16-3-201 - Arrest by a Private Person". It states: "A person who is not a peace officer may arrest another person when any crime has been or is being committed by the arrested person in the presence of the person making the arrest."

Can a person inside a home refuse to allow the police to enter because the person subject to arrest was not there?

No, provided that there is search warrant or warrant of arrest issued to arrest that person, this is to allow the police to search a home of the perpetrator.

What is an arrest warrant?

An arrest warrant is a an official document which authorizes law-enforcement officials to arrest a named person and bring that person before a court of law or other authority.

Can citizens of Colorado perform a citizens arrest?

Colorado Revised Statutes Title 16-3-201. Arrest by a private person."A person who is not a peace officer may arrest another person when any crime has been or is being committed by the arrested person in the presence of the person making the arrest."

What is the statue of limitations on fleeing arrest?

Resisting arrest occurs when a person interferes with a law enforcement officer's attempt to arrest you.

When shall warrantless arrest be served?

(Answer is applicable to the USA only): A warrantless arrest is never served. A warrantless arrest is performed. Following the warrantless arrest, the arresting individual (typically) or authority is required (usually) to provide the courts with a warrantless arrest affidavit wherein the person making the arrest articulates the probable cause for the arrest, which then is submitted to a judge for review. The arrested person will already be in jail or otherwise in custody (and possibly even bonded out), before the signed warrantless arrest affidavit becomes available to the arrested person.

If there is an arrest warrant out for a person do you need a search warrant?

No. As the arrest warrant for a person is simply that in & of itself -- to arrest the person. There should not be a need for a search warrant unless the authorities wish to search through one's personal property.

When can police arrest a person?

The police can arrest a person when they have broken a law. One of the most minor things is uncalled for conduct The police can also arrest a person when they personally witness a crime, when a citizen swears out a complaint, and when a judge issues a warrant are the circumstances under which an arrest can be made.

What is a written order directing a law enforcement officer to arrest a person?

arrest warrant

What happens if house arrest is not revoked?

Then the person would still be under house arrest.

Who may arrest a person?


What is appellant?

A person who file an appeal.

Can a cop arrest on suspicion?

No, they must have proof to support their suspiscion first then they can arrest or detain the person.

What is that person called who is escaping from arrest?

A fugitive escapes from being under arrest.

A right that no person can be held or imprisoned without a trial or just cause?

Habeas corpus is a court order that requires an imprisoned person to be brought before judge or have a trial. This is specified in the U.S. Constitution.

What are the legal basis for arrest?

A police officer must have probable cause in order to arrest someone. They can arrest a person if they see a crime taking place or if an arrest warrant has been issued.

What is the mens rea for false imprisonment?

That the person who imprisoned you KNEW, of their own knowledge, that you were being imprisoned wrongly. (Mens Rea = guilty mind).