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Q: When a person wearing a helmet rides a bicycle the helmet experiences which type of friction?
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How is wearing a bicycle helmet protecting many systems?

Wearing a helmet protects the head, and many of your body's systems are controlled from there.

How many people have died from not wearing a bicycle helmet?


What are the main advantages of wearing a bicycle helmet?

There are a great deal of benefits that you can get by wearing a bicycle helmet. One of the most obvious ones is that of safety - if you have a crash, your head is not likely to be injured. You can also use keep your hair dry.

Do you salute the American flag with a bicycle helmet?

First, I assume the question is really..."Do you salute the American flag while you are wearing a bicycle helmet?" If the helmet is part of a uniform, you salute. If it's not, you take the helmet off and hold it over your heart. Second, if the question is..."Do you salute a bicycle helmet with an American flag on it?" then the answer is no.

Is not wearing a helmet when your an adult illegal?

Depends on if you're talking about a motorcycle, a moped, a scooter or a bicycle - and where you're at. Helmet laws differ from place to place.

Will you get ticket for not wearing a bicycle helmet?

The law isn't the same all over, so it depends on where you're at and how old you are.

What is a bicycle helmet?

A bicycle helmet is a piece of protective headgear intended to be worn while riding a bicycle.

How does wearing a bicycle helmet help you?

If you fall on your head the helmet will soak up some of that impact, saving you from abrasions, bruises and maybe even brain damage and concussions.

Does the use of a helmet greatly decrease the risk of injury during a bike accident?

Wearing a bicycle helmet can greatly decrease the risk of head trauma. Other injuries on bicycles will not be affected by helmet use. The helmet is there to protect the head.

How many children died not wearing a bicycle helmet before the law was past?

It's really not possible to tell exactly, as there's no way to say for certain which injuries that would have been survivable with a helmet.

What is the difference between a bicycle helmet and a moped helmet?

A moped helmet is sturdier, heavier and less ventilated. It is expected to provide decent protection at accidents at higher speeds than a bicycle helmet. A bicycle helmet is lighter, better ventilated and only has to provide decent protection at lower speeds than a moped helmet.

Is a helmet worth wearing?

If you think your head is worth protecing then a helmet is worth wearing.