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It is called a solution.

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Does mixture dissolve in water?

mixture dissolve in a water

When elements that form a mineral dissolve in hot water they form a mixture which is called?

The mixture when elements that form a mineral dissolve in hot water is called a solution.

Is a mixture or a solution formed when solid copper sulfate is added to water?

The solid will dissolve into the water, forming a solution. If the copper sulfate was in liquid form, then we would say the two liquids formed a mixture.

When you dissolve salt in water what mixture is produced?

Salt dissolved in water is a solution, not a mixture. The result is called a saline solution.

How much will a solid dissolve in water?

This characteristic is called solubilty at a given temperature.

What method do you use to separate silver chloride and glucose?

Dissolve the mixture in water and filter the residue. It is the silver chloride in the mixture. Now heat the solution to evaporate the water. The remaining solid is glucose.

How can you separate a mixture of naphthalene and ammonium chloride?

One way is to slurry the solid mixture with water. The ammonium chloride will dissolve and the naphthalene will not. Ammonium chloride can then be recovered by evaporating the water solution of it that is formed.

Could a mixture of pepper and water also be called a solution?

It can't because of the solid particles of the pepper. This mixture is called a suspension.

What is a liquid that dissolve a solid called?

It is a solvent liquid. For example, water is a solvent as it can dissolve sugar crystals (and many other things).

Is a mixture of pepper and water a solution?

No, pepper does not dissolve in water so this is a mixture not a solution.

What is a solid called when it settles to the bottom of a mixture?

When we mix water and sand, the sand being heavier settles to the bottom of the mixture. This process is called sedimentation and it is used for water purification. The sand or the impurities are called the sediment.When the solid sediment in a solution. Then the solid is called precipitate and the phenomena so occurred is called precipitation.

Is salt and water a mixture A solution is it both a mixture and a solution?

Salt and water is a mixture. In a mixture you can mix them together then take them apart. When you put salt in water the salt does not dissolve therefore it is a mixture. If salt dissolved in water it would then be a solution,but salt does not dissolve in water so it is a mixture.Salt does dissolve in water to form a solution, which is a mixture. If a chemical that was insoluble in water was added to water, a mixture would also be formed. Slaf can be separated from water by evaporation and crystallisation, the undissolved chemical by filtration.

What helps a solid dissolve faster in water?

Heat helps solids dissolve in water faster. Gasses are dissolved in water faster by using pressure. Heat helps dissolve any solid in any liquid it will dissolve in.

How do you separate cellulose from a mixture of glucose starch and cellulose?

Water is added to the mixture and the mixture is filtered. Sucrose which can dissolve in water passes through the filter but starch and cellulose which do not dissolve, remain as residue. Starch is hydrolyzed to glucose, which will then dissolve in water. Filtration of the above mixture will leave cellulose as the residue.

Does salt dissolve candy?

Salt is a solid; water can dissolve candies.

Is salt and water is a mixture?

Yes, salt and water are mixture that is .Solid-Liquid mixture.

How can you separate naphthalene and urea?

Dissolve the mixture in water Naphthalene is insoluble may be separated by filtration then evaporate the filtrate and get the solid urea crystals.

How do you separate a mixture of iodine salt and sand?

First heat the mixture; the iodine will sublime and turn to a vapor which can be collected. Then add water to the remaining salt/sand mixture; the salt will dissolve but the sand will not. Finally, evaporate the water to obtain the solid salt.

How do you dissolve polyvinyl alcohol in water homogeneously?

You need to heat the water up to get the solid to dissolve.

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