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Into a smaller volume.

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Q: When a substance has a high density a large mass fits into?
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What does high concentration mean?

High concentration means high density, or a large amount of a particular substance in a mixture or solution.

If a substance had a high viscosity does that same substance have a high density?

No. For instance oil is more viscous then water but has a lower density

Are jovian planes are large and have high density?

Large, yes. High density, no.

Does a substance density increase or decrease when it has a high amount of kinetic energy?


Is mercury the lightest substance in chemistry?

No, mercury has a very high density.

Will a given volume of a substance with high density be heavy or light?

Compared to a low density substance and all other things being equal, it would be heavier.

What substance has a high density?

Lead has a high density, making it ideal for use in applications where weight is important, such as in counterweights. Osmium is another substance with a high density, being the densest naturally occurring element.

Do objects with a high density have a small volume for their mass?

No, Density is directly proportional to mass; Density increases as the mass increases, density decreases when mass decreases. Density is inversely proportional to volume; Density decreases when volume increases, density increases when volume decreases.

What is a substance that has a density of twenty-four and three tenths grams per cubic centimeter?

There is no natural substance on earth with a density as high as that. Osmium, the densest element, has a density of 22.6 g/cm^3. More dense materials, such as a quark gluon plasma, created in the Large Hadron Collider. However, this needs temperatures in excess of several trillion Kelvin!

Why might a substance have a high or low density?

Is it to do with the atomic number of a particular element or the volume of the element.

Which is a property of a substance formed with a covalent bond?


What best describes they region around lake Victoria?

The land is fertile, which supports extensive agricultural production and a high population density.