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When a tornado meets a volcano?

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Nothing, really. The tornado passes over it as it does any other type of landform, in the process tearing up any trees and vegetation that might cover the volcano. Even if it is an active volcano with an open crater of magma, nothing "interesting" will happen.

A tornado can move a house. A volcano can move mountains. Therefore, I would say a volcano.

No, even the strongest tornado couldn't do much more than scratch the surface of a volcano.

There are not side vents in a tornado. In a volcano a side vent is a vent on the side of the volcano through which lava, ash, and gas can erupt.

The tornado may pick up ash and some volcanic rocks, but the volcano would, for the most part, not be affected.

In terms of energy output, a volcano is more powerful.

A funnel volcano is the most common tornado and is what most people think of when you mention a tornado. They are very violent and destroy almost everything in their path.

They both create a disaster

Tornadoes not not strike before volcano. Tornadoes and volcanoes are unrelated.

The tornado would picked up ash and perhaps some loose stone. Vegetation onf the volcano would be damaged. The volcano itself would not be affected in any way worth noting.

No. A tornado is defined as a violently rotating column of air extending from the base of a thunderstorm to the ground. The vortex in a tornado tube may rotate, but it meets none of the other criteria.

A volcano can grow into a mountain, but an already existing mountain cannot become a tornado.

There are several:TsunamiTornadoVolcanoLocusts

Volcanoes don't approach. You might be thinking of a tornado.


Both are caused by two tectonic plates meets

Because it meets the criteria of being a mountain...

The tornado may lift up ash and lava rocks (and possibly lava if it is active), but aside from that it is unlikely that anything of particular interest would happen.

Rainwater will wash down the sides of the volcano. Heavy rain can sometimes mix with volcanic ash to form a dangerous mudflow called a lahar. If the volcano is erupting, rain that comes in contact with lava or hot pyroclastic material will turn to steam.

No. A tornado that meets a body of water will continue out onto it without being significantly affected, becoming a tornadic waterspout.

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