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When a tumor is described as benign what does that mean?


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A benign tumor is one that remains confined to its original site; it does not metastasize, or spread. Another word for a benign tumour is onenon-cancerous.


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Benign is the opposite of malignant

When a tumor is benign, it means that it does not have the ability to invade the other cells in the body. Moles and warts are examples of such tumors.

i think what you mean is a benign tumor, which is a type of tumor that does not spread to other parts of the body i think what you mean here is a benign tumor, which is a type of tumor that does not spread to other bodily part and is only localised to one spot. it is usually not a big concern

A benign brain tumor is a non-cancerous tumor in the brain.

Do you mean adenoma? An adenoma is a benign tumor.

A benign tumor does not spread. If a tumor spreads, it is malignant.

Benign means, harmless, like a benign tumor, or kindness, like "ah to be young and benign" or to resemble someone like "you benign god"

An osteoma is a benign tumor of bone. Osteosarcoma is a cancerous bone tumor.

Thymoma is a benign tumor of the thymus.

Luckily, the tumor was benign.

A benign tumor is a non-cancerous tumor, whereas a malignant tumor is cancerous. Some benign tumors can become cancerous. That is the similarity.

Leiomyoma is the benign tumor; leiomyosarcoma would be the malignant tumor.

Its a malignant tumor.

Pituitary adenoma is a benign tumor of the pituitary.

it is a lowgrade malign tumor , even said a benign tumor. That was the answer i got from my doctor .

One kind of adrenal tumor that is often benign is a pheochromocytoma.

If you mean, "What is the worst : malignant or benign cancer?" the answer is Malignant. If a person has a tumor for instance, in the benign state it is virtually harmless, it means that the tumor would not be cancerous, but, when a tumor is malignant that means cancer has developed and is spreading to other parts/cells in the body.Hope that helps!

AdenomaAdenoma means a benign tumor of glandular origin.

The word benign means that a disease or tumor is not harmful or not cancerous. The phrase less benign would mean that it is not cancer and not harmful so it does not need to further treatment.

Benign is a type of cancer. When a tumor is benign it is harmless to the host.

Yes. Unlike benign tumors in most other parts of the body, a benign tumor in the brain can be life-threatening.

A malignant tumor is a cancerous tumor. A benign tumor is one that isn't harmful to the person that has the tumor.

A malignant tumor is cancerous and is likely to be more harmful than a benign tumor.

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