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If it is gravitational acceleration then it it is positive in downward and negative in upward direction..if it is not gravitational acceleration then it is depending upon the value of acceleration.

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Why is acceleration due to gravity negative?

It is negative if the upwards direction is defined as positive. Acceleration is downward.

Can a man in a parachute accelerate?

Yes. Acceleration can be positive or negative. When he jumps out of the airplane and is in free fall, he is accelerating in a downward direction, so his acceleration is negative. When he opens his parachute, he accelerates in an upward direction, so his acceleration is positive.

When is acceleration due to gravity positive and when is it negative?

It all depends on the sign conventions you give to the upward and downward directions.The choice is completely up to you.-- If you call the direction toward the center of the Earth, downward into the mine, "positive",then the acceleration of gravity is always positive.-- If you call the direction away from the center of the Earth, upward into the sky, "positive",then the acceleration of gravity is always negative.

What is the difference between negative acceleration and positive acceleration?

You arbitrarily define a direction to be positive and the direction opposite to it is then negative. Measurements in the first direction are positive and those in the second are negative. For example, if you are considering the motion of a ball that is thrown upwards, you could choose the upward direction to be positive. Then the initial velocity of the ball would be positive but the acceleration due to gravity (which is acting in the downward direction) would be negative acceleration. But you could, instead, choose to call the downward direction positive. In that case, the initial velocity of the ball would be negative and the acceleration due to gravity would be positive acceleration. So it is all relative. Another way to look at it is that if the object being studied is slowing down it is negative acceleration and if it is speeding up it is positive. [Unfortunately that does not work with the above example because the object is slowing down initially and then speeding up.]

Can there be a positive acceleration and a negative acceleration?

Yes, acceleration can be positive and negative because acceleration is a vector. It has both direction and magnitude. The direction is what makes it positive or negative. Negative acceleration is usually called deceleration.

When can you used the positive acceleration due to gravity and negative acceleration due to gravity?

If you define the "up" direction as "positive", then the acceleration is negative, because it is downward. If you define "down" as positive, then acceleration is negative. You can use any convention; just be sure to be consistent within a particular calculation, to avoid errors.

True or false car has negative acceleration it is slowing down?

false A car can have a negative acceleration and be speeding up. A negative acceleration determines the direction of the acceleration A car with forward acceleration will speed up in the forward direction A car moving forward with a negative acceleration will slow down A car not moving with a negative acceleration will speed up in the backward direction A car moving backward with a negative acceleration will speed up in the backward direction

What is the direction of acceleration due to gravity in upward motion and downward motion?

Positive in downard direction because in this direction your initial vilocity will be higher then your final velocity. and vice versa (Negative in upward direction)

Is retardation positive or negative acceleration?

Retardation or deceleration is negative acceleration. It is opposite to the direction of velocity.

What kind of acceleration means that an object is either speeding up in a positive direction or slowing down in a negative direction?

These two cases are represented by "positive" acceleration. The opposite cases (slowing down in the positive direction or speeding up in the negative direction) are represented by "negative" acceleration.

Can acceleration ever be negative?

Acceleration is negative when the object is moving in the opposite direction. on a graph the line would be in the negative quadrant.

What is the negative acceleration?

Negative acceleration is the state of a body whose velocity in a specified direction is becoming smaller. If you apply the brakes while driving a car, the car (and you) will undergo negative acceleration in the direction in which the car was moving.

How can you have negative acceleration but not negative speed?

The negative part in negative acceleration is indicating direction, as acceleration is a vector quantity. Speed however, is a scalar and has magnitude only and therefore cannot be negative. An example could be -2.6ms-2 meaning that there is an acceleration of 2.6ms-2 but in the opposite direction to other vectors.

Should acceleration and velocity always have the same direction in a downward motion?

If you are talking about free fall, acceleration due to gravity and velocity will both be negative, until terminal velocity is reached, at which point the falling object is no longer accelerating and has constant negative velocity.

Can an object with constant acceleration reverse its direction of travel can it reverse its direction twice?

Sure. Anything you toss with your hand has constant acceleration after you toss it ... the acceleration of gravity, directed downward. If you toss it upward, it starts out with upward velocity, which reverses and eventually becomes downward velocity.

How does positive acceleration and negative acceleration affect motion?

positive acceleration helps to increase the velocity for positive direction while negative acceleration resists the motion.

What is meant by positive and negative acceleration?

Positive acceleration = speeding up; speed increasing in the direction you're moving.Negative acceleration = slowing down; speed decreasing in the direction you're moving,or speed increasing in the opposite direction.

Does a negative acceleration always mean that an object is slowing down?

No. A negative acceleration could mean a change in direction

What is the acceleration of falling body at 0.5 seconds?

acceleration of a falling body is 9.8m/s*s and its direction is vertically downward.

How accelerate change when third force act in downward direction?

Then - according to Newton's Second Law - you would have more acceleration downward.

How do you classify acceleration as positive or negative?

It really depends on your perspective, and how you set your directions. As you may know, acceleration is the change in velocity, which is direction dependent. Therefore, acceleration is also direction dependent. Acceleration is positive if it is in the same direction as the positive direction, and negative if it is the same direction as the negative direction. This may seem arbitrary but for most physics problems the assignment of positive and negative directions is purely in the mind of the person doing the problem, because in the end the answer comes out the same.

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