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Q: When adding stabilizer to your pool how long must you wait to swim?
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How long after adding stabilizer can pool be shocked?


How long do you wait to test pool water after adding stabilizer?

90 days

How long do you have to wait to go swimming after adding stabilizer and conditioner to the pool?

4 hours

How soon can you shock your pool after adding stabilizer?

Any time you like

When adding stabilizer to a salt water pool is the backwash running while pouring in the stabilizer?

When adding stabilizer to a pool you should not have a backwash valve open. Stabilizer should be added directly into the skimmer basket and you should open the skimmer all the way and close off the main drains for 24 hours.

When can you add stabilizer after adding alkaline to pool?

If I am not mistaken you do not add alkaline to pools. A product would be used to raise the alkalinity. You can add stabilizer/conditioner at anytime. k

Is there a cheap substitute for pool stabilizer?


What is the best pool stabilizer?

Pool shock it is liquid clorine

How do raise the stabilizer level in your pool?

Add stabilizer aka cyanuric acid .

Is pool shock also referred to as stabilizer?

No, pool shock is normally a really strong chlorine and stabilizer is like sunscreen for the chlorine

How long after adding algaecide can you use pool?


What do you need for stabilizer for your swimming pool?

If you use tablets, they come with stabilizer, so extra stabilizer is not needed. If you use calcium chloride power, then you may have to invest in some cyanuric acid at your pool store.

How soon can you go into pool after stabilizer is added?


Cloudy pool free chlorine is not reading stabilizer is low but pH is ok?

Add chlorine and stabilizer.

What does stabilizer do in pool?

It keeps the chlorine much longer in the water - without stabilizer it disappears quickly in the sun.

What to do when your pool does not retain chlorine?

Ad cyanuric acid/stabilizer, this is available from your pool shop

How long after adding shock can you add alkalinity to a pool?

24 hrs

How long do you have to wait to swim after adding acid to your pool?

2 hours

Do you use stabilizer with a salt water pool?

IT is crucial to use stabilizer in your pool when youre sanitizing your water with salt. Unlike the traditional chlorine that has stabilizer built in the chlorine generated by your system is unstabilized and very likely to be destroyed by sunlight.

How long do you have to wait to swim after adding salt to your pool?

you dont have to wait at all

How long do you have to wait to get in the pool after adding sodium carbonate?

at least one hour.

What do you test for in a salt water pool?

The same things as an ordinary chlorine pool as well as salt and stabilizer..

How do you raise the cyanuric acid level in pool water?

Add stabilizer.

How do you fix high stabilizer pool water?

how do you fix high alkalinity

Cannot get the chlorine level up in the pool?

see your pool shop about getting some stabilizer or cyan uric acid for the pool.