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The author is using ethos, one of Aristotle's modes of persuasion. Ethos involves establishing credibility and trust with the audience through displaying the author’s character, knowledge, and expertise on the topic.

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Q: When an author attempts to gain the audience's personal trust what rhetorical device is the author using?
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What illustrates the rhetorical element ethos?

An author's credibility, expertise, or trustworthiness can illustrate the rhetorical element ethos. This can be conveyed through qualifications, experience, or a sincere tone that establishes the author as believable and worth listening to.

What is attitude as a rhetorical device?

According to the Florida Virtual School, "Attitude is the author's personal view or outlook toward a subject. This attitude often determines the way an author approaches the content of his writing."

What rhetorical technique does the author use?

The author uses the rhetorical technique of repetition to emphasize key points and make their argument more persuasive.

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The author used various rhetorical devices to persuade the audience of his argument.

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The purpose of a rhetorical analysis is to examine how an author uses language and persuasion techniques to convey their message to the audience. This analysis helps readers understand the effectiveness of the author's argument and how they communicate their ideas.

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