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Q: When an object rusts it gains mass.From where does the extra mass come?
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Are coins iron or steel?

Iron rusts easily, so coins are rarely made of that metal. However, many countries use steel in their coins, among them the UK, Canada, and the EU.

What energy transformation in iron?

When iron rusts, a chemical reaction occurs where oxygen in the air combines with the iron. This reaction results in a release of heat energy, which is a transformation from chemical energy (stored in the iron) to thermal energy (heat).

Why isn't rust attracted to a magnet?

Rust is mostly hydrated Fe2O3 and is not "ferromagnetic" (forming strong magnetic fields) because the atoms of iron are separated by the atoms of oxygen (and molecules of water). However, rust (and the Fe2O3 mineral hematite) responds to an electromagnetic field, and the weak attraction is now being used to separate hematite from waste ore, increasing the amount of iron extracted from a given amount of ore.

What is a chemical and physical change?

Physical change - a change in a substance that does not involve a change in the identity, including a change in state between solid, liquid and gas phases.Chemical change - a change which one or more substances are converted into different substances, some indications are burning, rusting, color changes etc.physical change can be changedbut in chemical change chemicals are mixed togetherfor example if we are sick that is a physical changewe have to change healthy as wellwhen we mix salt in a dish,can we take out that again?neverthis is chemical changeA physical change is when the object undergoes a change that can be reversed, such as mixing water with salt, melting ice, or freezing or vaporizing water. A chemical change is a change that changes a substance into something else entirely, and therefore cannot be reversed. Examples would be mixing vinegar and baking soda or turning batter into bread.chemical change is when during a chemical reaction a new substance will be formed while in physical change no new substances are formed

How are physical and chemical changes different in two ways?

Physical changes involve alterations in the form or state of a substance without changing its chemical composition. Chemical changes, on the other hand, result in the formation of new substances with different chemical compositions. Physical changes are typically reversible, while chemical changes are often irreversible.

Related questions

Why does an object rust?

an object rusts when it is attached by air,water and other chemicals

What object rusts the fastest?

Anything made of pure iron.

Does the size of an object affect how much it rusts?

No,the type of metal is the only thing that effects this.:)

When iron rusts does its weight increase or decrease?

When iron rusts, its weight increases. Rust is a form of iron oxide that forms on the surface of iron when it reacts with oxygen and water. This process of rusting involves the addition of oxygen atoms to the iron metal, leading to an increase in weight.

What is the plural of rust?

The plural of rust is rusts. As in "a nail left in the open rusts easily".

What transition metal rusts when exposed to oxygen?

Iron is the transition metal that rusts when exposed to oxygen, forming iron oxide.

What Basidiomycota have caused damage to wheat corn and other crops?

rusts and smuts

What rusts faster?


Which metal rusts first copper or iron?

Iron rusts first because it is more reactive than copper. When iron comes into contact with oxygen and water, a chemical reaction occurs that forms rust, whereas copper does not rust easily due to its lower reactivity.

Is it chemical or physical change if you leave your bicycle out in the rain and it rusts?

Chemical, as rust is iron oxide. The iron is turning from iron to iron oxide, which (as you can see) is a chemical change. In general, a colour change usually indicates a chemical change.

What are phisycal changes in matter?

Physical changes are changes that only change the appearance of an object, but not the type of matter. For example, if a metal bike rusts the bike will still remain a solid. That is a physical change.

Is lron rusts is a chemical?

no it a physical