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Q: When analyzing the results of a scientific experiment Kevin should base his conclusion on?
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What are the steps to doing a good science fair project board?

Question, Hypothesis, Experiment, Results, Conclusion, Analyzing and Interpreting Data, Scientific Method, and reason. Good luck!

What are the results from an experiment called?

The results of an experiment are called your data.

What are the scientific words that have to do with the scientific method?

problem question hypothesis materials procedure experiment data results conclusion

What is the is the order of the scientific method?

The scientific method is the...... 1. Question 2. Background research 3. Hypothesis 4. Experiment 5. Conclusion 6. Results

A method for conducting and analyzing an experiment?

Scientific Method: Asking a question - the main reason for your experiment is to find something out. Ask it here. Forming a hypothesis - the format of If..., then..., because... Which states what you think will happen and why. Testing the hypothesis - this is the actual experiment or test. Analyze data to form a conclusion - interpret the results and then come up with your final statement on what happened. This should answer the original question unless your experiment was unsuccessful. Analyzing data may also include making a chart, table, or graph.

What was Francis Bacon's scientific method?

Francis Bacon is credited with creating the Scientific Method, which is used in experimentation to this day. His method involved coming up with a question, checking for existing research, forming a hypothesis, conducting an experiment, analyzing the results, and coming to a conclusion.

What do you look for when analyzing the results of an experiment?

you look for stuff

Which step in the scientific method is next after collecting data?

The steps of scientific inquiry are:Ask a QuestionDo Background ResearchConstruct a HypothesisTest Your Hypothesis by Doing an Experiment, and collect the data.Analyze Your Data and Draw a ConclusionCommunicate Your Results

What are the 5 essential components parts to a simple scientific experiment?

Questioning, observing, forming an hypothesis, choosing a study method, and analyzing results are five essential components of a simple scientific experiment. They are used in high school classrooms and scientific laboratories.

What is a conculsion?

a conclusion is end results of the experiment

How does an experimental conclusion compare to a theory or hypothesis?

A hypothesis is an educated guess and a theory is close to what a hypothesis is. A theory is the scientific process that is thought to be true. An experimental conclusion is the results to an experiment.

When you sum up what is learned in an experiment what is it called?

The outcome of an experiment is a "conclusion", the interpretation of the results compared with the expected results and the goal of the experiment.