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When and how should you teach your child to read?


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October 16, 2009 7:29AM

Parents who read have children who read. The best way to start teaching your child to read is for you to read to them!

A child will show indications of when he wants to read. An intense interest in books and questions of "What is this word?" are fairly good indications that this child is ready to begin to read.

A child who does not find it unusual to have books in the house is more apt to want to learn. Start with simple alphabet books, "A is for apple" types, and start phonics in the process. Keep it very short, no more than ten minutes or so, and graduate to his favorite bedtime stories.

As far as age, it is not determinate. A child can be ready as early 18 months or as late as six years. You are the determining factor about when it is practical. Watch your child and make it as natural as possible, never making it a chore or a punishment.

On a personal note, my child actually taught himself to read at 18 months using televison phonics...I had nothing to do with it. Other than teaching him his letters, there was no pressure to learn...and he did learn as he wished. At the age of 23, he has not lost his love of reading.