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The commenwealth games are going to be held in India on the 10th of the 10th 2010

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Q: When and where is the next commenwealth games?
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When did the commenwealth games begin?


Why are the commenwealth games not called the olympic games?


What is the aim of the commenwealth games?

to get the most medals

What happened in 2006 that is sport related?

Commenwealth Games

Will Usain Bolt run at the commenwealth games?

He does not plan to but times change.

What are India's achievement in commenwealth games 2010?

i donot know,pls answer

How often are the Delhi commenwealth games held?

Every four years

What international sport starts on October 3 2010?

the commenwealth games in delhi, India

Why did they choose certain sports for the commenwealth games for children?

Children are more able to do stuff then the elderly.

Who invented the Commonwealth Games?

the british invented the commenwealth gamesa man named athur mcsdalropington (mscldal)

How many medals has NZ won in India commenwealth games?

as of 7/10/2010 NZ = 0 gold

How may Commonwealth games have there been?

As of 2014 Commonwealth Games, there have been 20 Commonwealth Games held.