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When and where were the Spanish colonies formed?

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This colony was formed as a buffer from the Spanish.

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Spanish Colonies Were formed?

The white house

When were Spanish colonies formed?

Columbus began forming colonies for Spain in 1492 and 1493. They colonized for about another century.

Why were colonies formed in Massachusetts and Georgia?

why were colonies formed in Masssachusetts and Georgia

Where were the Spanish colonies formed?

in the new world, mainly in the place we know as latin America.santa fe, st. Augustine

Why did Portugal have colonies Africa but Spain did not?

Spanish Morocco and Spanish Sahara were Spanish colonies in Africa.

How did the first English colonies compare to the Spanish colonies that existed at that time?

the Spanish colonies were more successful

What was the nature of the spanish system of government in the American colonies?

There were no Spanish system of government in the colonies. Jamestown did have a Spanish spy.

How did spanish colonies support themselves?

The Spanish colonies supported themselves by raising cattle and crops.

What is the sane of the English and Spanish colonies?

The English and Spanish colonies were established for complete different reasons

What were the four social classes in the spanish colonies of north America?

The four social classes in the Spanish colonies were peninsulares, creoles, mestizos, and Indians.

When were your colonies formed?

They weren't

What did the spanish colonies build to protect their colonies?


What was the development of Spanish colonies organized through?

the development of spanish colonies in the New World was organizeed through:

Did native Americans die from smallpox before or after Spanish colonies established?

they die after spanish colonies estabilished

Were the french or spanish colonies more successful?

the spanish

Why were the Carolina colonies founded?

The colonies in the Carolinas were founded as a blockade against Spanish expansion. They were to act as a wall against the spread of Spanish colonies from Florida.

What year did the 13 colonies form?

The 13 colonies where formed in 1773.

Did Spanish colonies have just have men from Spain or did they bring females from Spain also?

The Spanish Colonies had women they were not there at first but once the colonies became permanent The realized they needed women in the colonies.

Goals of the spanish colonies?

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When were the thirteen colonies formed?


What was the highest class of people in the spanish colonies?

Nobles - spanish

Which are the spanish colonies in Africa?

Spain no longer has any colonies in Africa. They do, however, own two small enclaves on the coast of Northern Africa (Cueta and Melila). These are not colonies, though. They are part of Spain.Here's a list of former Spanish colonies and their dates of independenceSpanish Morocco (1956)Ifni (1969)Spanish Sahara (1975)Spanish Guinea (1968)

What were the two colonies formed from one?

The two colonies are North and South Carolina.

In 1663 Carolina was founded in 1712 it was divided into two colonies name the two new colonies that were formed?

The name of the two new colonies that were formed is named South Carolina and North Carolina

Who was in charge of Spanish colonies?