When and who invented car ferries and punts?

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someone answer please someone answer please

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Q: When and who invented car ferries and punts?
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When was Belfast Car Ferries created?

Belfast Car Ferries was created in 1982.

Who invented the Sydney ferries?

You because joss rules

Who invented ferries?

well a man made It

How long does it take to get from the isle of wight to Hampshire?

It depends on where you travel from. There are six ferries to get from the Isle of Wight to Hampshire. If you are taking a car, the average crossing time is approximately 41 mins, 40 secs between the three car ferries. If you are travelling on a passenger ferry or car ferry (all six ferries) (the car ferries take passengers on foot) the average crossing time is approximately 28 mins, 12 secs.

How fast do ferries go?

There are all kinds of ferries doing different speeds. The local river ferries near me go about 12 knots. Medium size car ferries here do about 25 knots across Georgia Strait. Some fast ferries around the world do over 30 knots.

Can you go by car to the Isle of Wight?

Yes, the Isle of Wight is accessed by Car Ferries daily.

Why do high punts have higher hang times than low punts do?


What has the author LAZY written?

LAZY. has written: 'The lazy way to book your car ferries'

What is the possessive form of ferries?

The possessive form of the plural noun ferries is ferries'.Example: The ferries' schedule is posted at the dock.

Where can someone find cheap ferries to Ireland?

You can find cheap ferries to Ireland at the Aferry website and the FerrySavers website. You can also book these ferries at Irish Ferries and at the Direct Ferries website.

What are the release dates for Punts and Stunts - 1955?

Punts and Stunts - 1955 was released on: USA: May 1955

When was Pentland Ferries created?

Pentland Ferries was created in 1997.

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