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Umm the signs Irish Need Not Apply are actually referred to as INNA as in I-rish N-eed N-ot A-pply ....and the signs were EVERYWHERE far beyond any "television" program. I look at it yes of course as racism but also symbolic of how far we the Irish have come.

For a more current viewpoint on "NINA", have a look here:

There are also several "pro" and "con" websites on the subject, but when you see the likes of a popular American Saturday evening television programme spouting this rhetoric in many of its "backstage scenes" (yes, SNL has had a "NINA" sign hanging backstage for well over 20 years), I'd think it safe to say that "NINA" is more than just mere "urban legend"...

It was regularly seen in England too. At boarding houses, where labourers would stay, you'd commonly find signs like:

No Blacks No Dogs No Irish

Just went to show that bigotry is bigotry, and it is stupid no matter where it is found.

Irish were in England for 400 years, where they had signs,[ no need to apply] for jobs. they were the people who populated the southeastern usa.No Irish need apply is NOT an urban legend.

In the 1800's when Irish immigrants took up whole neighbourhoods in New York City, many business owners put up "No Irish need apply" signs up. Many business owners did not want Irish to apply, especially in New York City, because of the reputation they had as drinking loud mouths. Irish were also seen as dirty and disease ridden and it was a common belief that the potato blithe in the Great Potato Famine could be passed through humans and was a disease.

Also stories have been told that New York City newsboys often fought with each other and Italian and Jewish immigrants would scream "No Irish need apply" in teasing to the Irish boys.

Theres an English pub in the Baleric islands which has a no dogs no Irish sign outside its door.

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Q: When and why did the term 'No Irish need apply' originate?
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