When and why was the Sydney harbor Brudge made it?

Updated: 8/20/2019
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Q: When and why was the Sydney harbor Brudge made it?
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What is the orientation of the Sydney harbor Brudge?


Did an earthquake knock over the Sydney harbor Brudge?


Does the Sydney Opera House have more steel than the Sydney harbor Brudge?


Is there something inside one of the Sydney harbor Brudge pillars?

my bum

How far is the Sydney harbor Brudge from the city centre?

about 2 kilometers.

How many 2D shapes are in the Sydney harbor Brudge?

Evil marshmallow

The name Sydney harbor Brudge nearest mountain?

The blue mountains

What is the function of the four pylons on the Sydney harbor Brudge?

To attract peole

Can you compare the Golden Gate Bridge to the Sydney harbor Brudge?

Yes you can!

Was it good or bad that they built the Sydney harbor Brudge?

It is very good for Sydney to get more torisits

Where did the money come from to build the Sydney harbor Brudge?

A series of Lotteries, the same as the Sydney Opera House.

What kind of lake does the Sydney harbor Brudge cross?

Sydney Harbour Bridge crosses Port Jackson.