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This may vary by aircraft size and type. The Boeing(McDonnell Douglas) MD11 anti-skid will deactivate at speeds below 12-16 knots. Due to problems with the Center Landing Gear stability, the anti-skid may be deactivated completely for some passenger configuration MD11. However, if not deactivated, such as on MD11F Freighters, the CLG may not engage at higher speeds until 30 seconds after touchdown. There is a complicated logic in the software.

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Q: When anti skid system automatically deactivated?
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What is the advantages of an anti skid system in an aircraft?

The advantages of anti-skid system are that the plane does not skid when the runway gets slippery or watery. The runway gets slippery if there is a heavy downpur due to storms etc... The Anti-Skid system prevents it and saves the lives of many passengers and damage to airplane.

What doe it mean when it says anti skid for Volvo XC70?

It's an antilock braking system.

If you are driving a vehicle equipped with anti-lock brake system and the vehicle starts to skid?

eat some goudy

What does the ESP light mean on a 2005 Chrysler 300?

ESP stands for electronic skid protection. This is also run by the ABS computer. The light comes on when the anti skid system is active(when you are sliding), or when the system detects an electrical malfunction.

Abs brake system?

ABS stands for "Anti-Lock Braking System" which means that the brakes won't lock up and cause a crash or skid.

What is the automobile ASB light?

ASB translated means anti skid brakes. also known as anti locking brakes if light is coming on there is a problem in your brake system

Function of the Anti-lock Braking system found in some cars?

I think its so that the car doesn't skid on icy raods

Three basic Components of anti skid control system?

Wheel speed sensors Control valve body ABS Module

What is ASR in a car?

It should mean "Automatic Supplemental Restraint" system. On a Dodge Sprinter it is anti skid reduction. (traction control)

What are anti skid tiles?

Skid resistant tiles which are typically used in bathrooms and terraces to avoid skidding

If a vehicle starts to skid with anti-lock brakes where should you steer?

In the direction of actual movement commonly known as into the skid. This is the same for all cars, anti lock or not

What does it mean when the ABS warning light lights up in a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder?

There is a fault with your Anti lock braking system, if you hit the brakes hard the wheels will skid rather than automatically cut in and out. Its worth getting to the garage ASAP as its a very important crash prevention mechanism.