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Yes bill and Tom returned from Holiday in Febuary =]

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Where are bill and tom kaulitz from?

Bill and Tom Kaulitz are from Magdeburg,Germany.

Is simone bill and tom kaulitz mother?

Yes, Simone Kaulitz is the mother of Tom and Bill Kaulitz.

Who is taller tom kaulitz or bill kaulitz?

Bill is taller then Tom by about 4-5 cm.

Are Tom and Bill Kaulitz from Hamburg Germany?

Bill and Tom Kaulitz were born in Leipzig, Germany.

Do Tom Kaulitz ever had car accident?

no, but bill has back in '08

How old are bill and tom kaulitz tomorrow?

Bill and Tom Kaulitz were 21 yesterday on the 1st of September

Is tom kaulitz meaner than bill kaulitz?

Ooooh.None Of The Kaulitz Twins Are Mean..But Bill Is Seen To Be More Sensitive Than Tom..

Who is Bill Kaulitz's brother?

Tom KaulitzTom Kaulitz, and he plays the Guitar.

Does tom kaulitz have a middle name?

No none of them do. They are just Bill and Tom Kaulitz.

Tom Kaulitz or Bill Kaulitz is the elder brother?

Tom is the oldest. He was born 10 minutes before Bill.

What is tokio hotels tom kaulitz middle name?

Neither Bill or Tom have middle names and Bill and Tom Kaulitz are their full names.

How many minutes is Tom Kaulitz older than Bill Kaulitz?

Tom Kaulitz is 10 minutes older from his twin brother, Bill. Tom was born on 18:20 and Bill was born on 18:30

Do Tom Kaulitz And Bill Kaulitz Have Any Illnesses?

Actually no, Bill and Tom Kaulitz do not have Bulimia, trust me, they need to be a lot more thin to what they are now to be BulimiaNo.

What kind of shampoo does tom kaulitz and bill kaulitz use?

I just know that Bill Kaulitz likes Dove's mark. But for Tom we don't know anything.

Are Bill and Tom Kaulitz smokers?

Tom and Bill are occasional smokers.

Is tom and bill kaulitz dead?

No, Tom and Bill Kaulitz are NOT dead. They are alive and probably enjoying life and being great!

Is Bella obsessed with tom and bill kaulitz?

yes. Bella is very obsessed with bill and tom kaulitz so WATCH OUT!

How old are tom and bill kaulitz going to be?

Bill and Tom Kaulitz will be 21 years old on the 1st of September 2010.

Who is simone kaulitz?

Simone Kaulitz is the mother of German rockers, Bill and Tom Kaulitz.

How old will Tom kaulitz turn in 2011?

Tom kaulitz will be turning 22 as well as his twin brother bill kaulitz (Tom is 10 min older than bill) but there both sexy

What are tom and bill kaulitz step-dads name?

gordan trumper thts why bill and toms FULL names ar tom kaulitz trumper bill kaulitz trumper :)ima be cheyenne mccormick kaulitz trumper

How old are Tom and Bill Kaulitz?

Identical twins Tom and Bill Kaulitz of Tokio Hotel were born September 1, 1989.

Who's bill kaulitz siblings?

He only has one, Tom Kaulitz.

Who is the hottest guy in Germany?

bill kaulitz and his twin tom kaulitz

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