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when they are for sale.

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Q: When are electronics less expensive?
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Are electronics cheap in Thailand?

Compared to where? Some devices are less expensive than in Japan or the US. Others are more expensive. They are less expensive if made or assembled in Thailand or if they are imports that are not subject to high duties.

What does an electrical overload do to your expensive electronics if they're not protected?

An electrical overload can cause electrical fires and damage your expensive electronics if not protected.

Why would these be locked behind glass as if they were expensive cologne or electronics?

See picture

Is it less expensive to preorder heartgold than to buy it when it comes out?

It is not any less expensive, but it isn't any more expensive either.

What price defribulator?

AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) devices are currently (8/1/13) available from for US$1,199.00. These prices are likely to fall as the electronics get better and less expensive.

What kinds of rocks and minerals are rich in china?

coal used for electricity, and rare materials witch are not rare and used for electronics there the main reason electronics are expensive

What impact does recycling electronics have on the earth?

less damage to the ozone

Where can I buy a less expensive best rated refrigerators?

You can buy less expensive refrigerators at sears, or Home Depot.

What are the advantage of sampling over complete enumeration?

more expensive , less expensive ,less time consuming and greater accuracy

Are digital camera electronics expensive?

It depends on what type you are looking for and what brand they are. But yes, they can be expensive. You can find good deals on sites and also through chain stores.

Where can one purchase a TV Satellite Dish?

One could purchase a TV Satellite Dish from an electronics store or directly from DISH Network. One could also try eBay for a possibly less expensive option.

Where to Get a Phone?

Your local Verizon, Sprint store. You can do a local search online for cell phone stores or go to an electronics mall/store to compare different phones. Many people have found it less expensive to shop online.

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