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They are born in August and September!

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Where were pandas born?

Pandas were born in China

How are pandas born?

pandas are born in there mothers belly.

When do pandas useally get born?

Pandas are usually born in March, April, and May.

Are newborn pandas born with no fur?

no pandas are born wit fur :D

How do pandas hatch?

Pandas are born and do not hatch from eggs.

Are all pandas born female?

some pandas are male and some pandas are female

How many baby pandas can be born?

i think that atleast 4 baby pandas can be born at a time

Are pandas born with hair?


Are pandas born blind or deaf?

Pandas are born both blind and deaf and with little hair or fur.

Why are pandas pink when there born?

A pandas skin is pink. When they are born they are bald and pink. As they get older they grow hair like we do!

How big are baby pandas when they are born?

Pandas are only the size of a little kids shoe.

What happens to pandas after they are born?

the answer is that it is born there eyes open

Why are red pandas born in summer?

Their born anytime.

Are pandas born in eggs or born alive?

They are born alive Just Like us! Hope it helped xx

How big are pandas when they are born?


When are red pandas born?

on the earth

How tall are pandas when they are born and fully grown?

Well, when born, pandas are pink, and about the size of a stick of butter. Adult pandas on all four legs are 2 to 3 feet. Adult pandas standing up are 4 to 6 feet tall.

Why are pandas born?

If there weren't any new pandas born to replace those that have died, the species would disappear quite soon.

Do Pandas feed milk to their young?

Pandas feed milk to their young. Baby pandas sleep and eat a lot for about two months after they are born.

How are pandas offspring born alive or eggs?

Pandas are mammals, they give birth to live young.

Are giant pandas born alive or in eggs?

they are born alive.

How old is the youngest panda?

This question is almost impossible to answer because we don't always know when pandas, be they Red Pandas or Giant Pandas, are being born.

Can multiple young pandas be born at the same time?

Multiple pandas can be born at the same time. A mom can have 1 or 2 babies at a time.

Are giant pandas born alive or in an egg?

Pandas are mammals and mammals give birth to live young.

Why do pandas have small ears?

becaus they were born with it