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you can hold them anytime you want, not just after they are born because the mother might not accept them they will smell like you and she won't nurse them, after that it depends on the mother and if she feels safe with you she will let you hold them if she doesn't be very very careful do not even think about holding them.

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How big is a newborn kitten?

Average weight of a newborn kitten is about 3 ounces.

How long until you can hold a newborn kitten?

alot less months than a human baby

How do you know when a newborn kitten is dead?

You will know when a newborn kitten is dead when the kitten is no longer breathing. The kitten will need to be taken away from the mother and disposed of.

When can you get a newborn kitten?

From a cat

Where can you find a picture of a newborn kitten?

Go to google and look up newborn kitten pics and it should have some.

How long can you touch a newborn kitten?

Yes, you can. You should touch/hold it everyday ^^ If you don't, it may become antisocial.

What is the weight of a newborn kitten?


What do you do with a newborn kitten?

take it to the vet

What is a newborn squirrel is called?


What do you call a newborn cat?


What is an onomatopoeia for a newborn kitten?


What is a newborn rabbit called?

a kitten or a kit

What is the name of a newborn bobcat?

That would be a kitten.

Why is your newborn kitten panting?

to stay cool

Can you bottle feed a newborn kitten?


When will a newborn kitten open its eyes?

It will take about 2 weeks for a newborn kitten to open it's eyes. They will open slowly, so do not try to help it.

How much do newborn kittens weigh?

Average weight of a newborn kitten is 3 ounces.

What if your abandon newborn kitten is not pooping?

This is not a good thing, and you should take your kitten to the vet immediately.

What is the average length of a kitten in inches?

A newborn kitten is approximately 4 inches long, nose-to-tail.

What does it mean when a newborn kitten sucks on your finger?

the kitten is mistaking ur finger 4 a nipple or bottle

How long can a newborn kitten survive without food?

How long can a kitten go without food or water?

When do you feed a newborn mole?

every two hours. try kittin formula and a kitten newborn bottle.

Is a one month old kitten considered a newborn?

no. a newborn is fresh out the womb. that nugget been out for a month!

Can you carry a newborn kitten?

Well, it all depends on how new this newborn kitten is. If you're talking about just being born a few seconds ago, the answer is NO. A mother cat licks her newborn kitten to get it to start breathing. If you pick up a newborn kitten that's only a few minutes old, you're basically killing it. If the kitten is a few hours or a couple of days old, go ahead and pick it up, that is if you can. A mother cat is very defensive of her kittens. you may get scratched or bitten in the process.

When do you give away a newborn kitten?

At 12 weeks old.

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