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About a month afterwards

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Q: When are you most fertile after giving birth?
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How fertile are you after giving birth?

Very fertile! So use protection.

How likely is it to get pregnant two weeks after giving birth?

very high!! the first 6 weeks after giving birth are your most fertile time...I learned the hard way my first 2 children are only 10 months apart...

Are you more fertile after just giving birth?

Yes because your cervix is open more giving sperm more access to the egg.

How long before a pig can become fertile after giving birth?

my pig has milk in her teats how long wil it take to give birth

After giving birth how fertile is the female?

Depends on how old the female is. If she is younger still very fertile. Having children doesn't change how fertile you are, age does. 30+ are much less fertile than someone in their 20's.

Do mammals die right after giving birth?

No, most mammals do not die after giving birth.

Do mammals die right afer giving birth?

No, most mammals do not die after giving birth.

Is it easier to get pregnant after you've already been pregnant before?

It isn't easier, but you tend to be more fertile right after giving birth. You are also very fertile while breast feeding an infant.

What is the most painful time while giving birth?

The most painful time when your giving birth is when your child's shoulder's come out. It is the widest part of it's body.

What season are horses giving birth?

most horses give birth in the summer .

Are Vampires in infertility?

Male vampires are fertile. The child of a male vampire is called a Dhampir. I have never heard of a female vampire giving birth.

Do mollies die after giving birth?

Some mollies die after giving birth due to the stress of it, but it is usually rare. most mollies survive.

What bodily function requires the most energy?

Giving Birth

Should a dog have diarrhea after giving birth?

yes most dogs do for a few days after birth

Can birth control pills make women more fertile?

Can birth control pills make women more fertile?

Which animals reproduce by giving birth?

giving birth IS reproducing

What is a hog giving birth called?

the hog giving birth is the 'Sow', whereas when they're giving birth, its called 'farrowing'.

What is a sheep called when its giving birth?

A sheep giving birth. That's it. When sheep are giving birth it is said to be lambing season.

Do woman cry when giving birth?

Most do as it is such a painful and emotional experience

What to do when you are giving birth?

Breath in and breath out but most importnet keep calm

What is the superlative for fertile?

Most fertile is the superlative for fertile.

What can happen to your eyes after giving birth?

You will most likely get dark circles around your eyes from the pain of giving birth. But they will eventually go away. (so don't worry)

Can guppies die before giving birth?

yes it can. it is like people giving birth sometimes a women dies giving birth.

What is worse Giving birth or removing wisdom teeth?

Giving birth

Could you be pregnant if you get a positive pregnancy test 12 weeks after giving birth or could there be still HCG in urine since giving birth?

Yes, you are more than llikely pregnant again if you have gotten a positive test result, women are highly fertile after giving birth. after twelve weeks you would no longer have the amount of pregnancy hormone in your system to make the test positive. i believe you even stop making that hormone before you give birth.