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Q: When blowing across the top of a glass of iced tea on a hot summer day a person may see a faint white vapour This happens because water vapour in breath?
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Why do we have trees?

We have trees so we can breath and that happens because when we breath in all the oxygen comes inside us and when we breath out all the oxygen comes out of us.

How not to have bad breath naturally?

Some would say mouthwash, but the real answer is BRUSH YOUR TEETH! You can not not have bad happens to all because of the bacteria in your mouth...

What happens to your breath when it is 90 degrees Fahrenheit outside?

The reason you can see your breath in cold weather is because the water vapor in your breath is condensing (condensation). You can't see it in hot weather because condensation can't occur in warmer weather.

What happens with your breath when you breath out?

carbon dioxide is released into the air.

What happens first breathing in or breathing out?

you first breath in and then you breath out

When you breath in what happens to your lungs?

When you inhale, you breath in oxygen and your lungs get bigger.

What happens when respirarion happens without oxygen?

then we could not breath.

What is the latin name for breath?

adflatus -us m. blowing or breathing on aspiratio -onis f. exhalation; in speech conspiratio -onis f. blowing or breathing together; harmony , agreement, union]; in a bad sense, [conspiracy, plot]. flatus -us m. blowing , blast, breathing. (haughtiness, arrogance) interspiratio -onis f. breathing between , taking breath. spiritus -us m. breathing , breath, exhalation; a sigh; the breath of life, life; inspiration; spirit, disposition; a high spirit, pride]. Hoped that helped.

What happens to us if plants die?

If all the plants in the world die, then we could'nt breath, because no oxygen would be produced

What happens your ribcage when you breath?

it goes up and out

What happens if you eat excrement?

Bad breath

What happens when you take a deep breath?

you die