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Q: When can I see the International Space Station from 02760?
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What can you see at the international space station?


Why can you see the space station at night?

You see the International space station at night because it reflects sunlight back to earth.

Can you see the international space station from earth?

Yes yes it is

Where and when can you see the International Space Station?

Enter you location at the web site below and then select ISS - Visible Passes, and you will see all the times you can see the International Space Station at your location.

Where can you see the International Space Station?

The International Space Station can be sighted when it flies over the region you are in. The website in related links below will tell you when the international space station can be observed in your region. It looks like a moving star, when you walk its like something out of the blue is above you.

Why can we see the international space station at night?

because we connect each other

Is Mir a name for International Space Station?

MIR is Russian for "peace or world". It was a Russian space station that was the first inhabited space station in space. It was in operation from 1986 til 2001 when it's orbit was allowed to degenerate and burnt up in the Earths atmosphere. It should not be confused with the International Space Station or ISS which is a separate space station. See related links for more information

What is International Space Station used for?

to wach the earth and see if any thing hAPPENEAS

How many times a day do astronauts see the sunrise from the international space station?


Can you see Niagara falls from outer space?

Yes, you can! Here is a link to one of the pictures NASA has from the international space station.

Where is the International Space Station?

The International Space Station is approximately 340 km above the earth and because it orbits the earth faster than we are turning its position constantly changes. To find where the station is at any given time, see the link below ( you need to have Java installed.)

What are the job on the International Space Station?

Experiment with animals, look out of the window, see Moon, see Earth, want me to list everything?