When can Sagittarius be seen in the sky?


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The answer will depend on where on earth you are trying to view it from.

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Sagittarius is a summer constellation --- the best time of the year is August to see it at 9pm. Sagittarius is also a Southern constellation: if you're in North America, it can be seen roughly towards the south and will not rise very high on the sky.

That's in the constellation Sagittarius.That's in the constellation Sagittarius.That's in the constellation Sagittarius.That's in the constellation Sagittarius.

Sagittarius the Archer, is right behind Scorpius the Scorpion. both visible in the summer sky - south if you live in the Northern Hemisphere.

Sagittarius can be seen in the summer months in the northern hemisphere.

Sagittarius should appear highest in the sky at midnight right around the First of the Year, and it doesn't matter where on Earth you are.

Seen where - in the sky Seen when - after the full moon.

Sagittarius isn't a planet. It is a constellation, or pattern of stars seen from the Earth. You spelled it correctly in your question.

Directions in the sky are not expressed in latitude and longitude, but rather in declination and right ascension. You can find the coordinates in the Wikipedia article "Sagittarius (constellation)".

There's only one difference between the sky seen from the Earth and the sky seen from the moon. The sky seen from the Earth has a moon in it, and the sky seen from the moon has an Earth in it. Other than that, exactly the same objects in the same patterns are seen from both places.

I have seen the color sky blue pink in the sky...

Sagittarius is best seen during the summer months in the Northern Hemisphere, correspondingly the winter months in the Southern hemisphere.

Seen from the moon, the sun, earth, and stars all hang in a black sky.

Month of August around 9 P.M. It is located Right by Draco's Head

When UFOs are seen, they are in the sky because they are flying objects.

Well, if you look monthwise, it is the Rat. The month of the Rat corresponds with Sagittarius. Although, I also have once seen Tiger as the correspondence to Sagittarius. As a Sag, I don`t care which of both - both are cool. And I am a Snake in Easter Zodiac anyway... ^^

When Venus is seen in the western sky the planet is often called the evening star.

Because in the summer the constellation would be in the daytime sky.

We can only speculate, and different people may have different opinions. To understand the true motive, you would have to inquire of He who placed those stars in those particular places in the sky. Or else consult the ancient individuals who looked at that group of stars, decided what it looked like to them, and gave it the name Sagittarius.

The brightest star in the sky, as seen from Earth, is the sun. The brightest star in the night sky is Sirius.

Sagittarius is Latin for "archer".

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