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Yes. If you are far enough along that the uterus is enlarged. But that is not the best way to diagnose a pregnancy and there is no reason to do a pelvic exam in early pregnancy.

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Q: When can a doctor tell if you are pregnant by pelvic exam?
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Could the doctor do only a bi-manual exam and no pelvic exam and tell if you are pregnant?

A bi-manual exam IS a pelvic exam and there is no reason for a doctor to do one just to check if you are pregnant. An ultrasound will show far more than a pelvic esam ever could.

Can a doctor tell your pregnant by pelvic exam at 16 weeks and is it possible it could be missed?

Sure.....with a pelvic exam a doctor can tell you whether you are pregnant as early as 6 weeks by checking the size of the uterus, tubes as well as a bluish tinge on your cervix

Can a doctor tell if your pregnant if you have pelvic inflammatory disease?

Pregnancy testing is not affected by pelvic inflammatory disease . A pregnancy test will still work, so your doctor can tell if you're pregnant.

Can you take a test to see whether or not your a virgin?

A doctor can tell by doing a pelvic exam.

What is proof of delivery?

well a doctor can tell my doing a pelvic exam rather or not you have had a child.

Can a doctor tell you are pregnant during a cervical exam?


How do you tell your dad you need a pelvic exam?

You dont need to, tell him you need a well woman exam. You can get a well woman exam from your ob-gyn once a year and it is usually free. Tell your doctor you want a pelvic exam once you get in the room. (say well woman on the phone so they know not to charge you). Good doctors will give you a pelvic exam even if you dont ask.

Can you get pregnant after a pelvic fracture?

Depends on the posterior rehabilitation. Only a doctor can tell you that, after detailed exams.

Can a pelvic exam tell if you are a virgin?

A pelvic exam can't determine if you have had sexual contact. It can tell if your hymen is intact, but that doesn't dtermine if you've had sex.

Can a doctor tell you are pregnant eleven days after conception by using pelvic exam?

Normally urine test is common practice to know pregnancy not so early. at least 20 to 30 days needed that is after missing period. Pelvic examination may not be the best method. BUT self can under stand the situation with her severe abdominal pain after formation of zygote

Im 2 weeks early with my period what does that mean?

It means your hormones are wacky and your ovaries released an egg early. Still, you might want to tell your doctor so he or she can do a pelvic exam or a pap smear.

If you get pregnant can the doctor tell if you were on birth control?


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