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What is allomorph?

An allomorph is type of a unit of meaning in language, known as a morpheme. The allomorph can be pronounced differently while maintaining the same meaning.

What is an allomorph?

An allomorph is a chemical term for the different crystalline forms of a substance, or a linguistic term for any of the different phonological representations of a morpheme.

What are the similarities and differences between an allophone and a allomorph?

· "The indefinite articleis a good example of a morpheme with more than one allomorph. It is realised by the two forms a and an. The sound at the beginning of the following word determines the allomorph that is selected. If the word following the indefinite article begins with a consonant, the allomorph a is selected, but if it begins with a vowel the allomorph an is used instead . . ..""[A]llomorphs of a morpheme are in complementary distribution. This means that they cannot substitute for each other. Hence, we cannot replace one allomorph of a morpheme by another allomorph of that morpheme and change meaning."(Francis Katamba, English Words: Structure, History, Usage, 2nd ed. Routledge, 2004)· Morphs and Allomorphs"[W]hen we find a group of different morphs, all versions of one morpheme, we can use the prefix allo- ( = one of a closely related set) and describe them as allomorphs of that morpheme."Take the morpheme 'plural.' Note that it can be attached to a number of lexical morphemes to produce structures like 'cat+ plural,' 'bus + plural,' 'sheep + plural,' and 'man + plural.' In each of these examples, the actual forms of the morphs that result from the morpheme 'plural' are different. Yet they are all allomorphs of the one morpheme. So, in addition to /s/ and /əz/, another allomorph of 'plural' in English seems to be a zero-morph because the plural form of sheep is actually 'sheep + ∅.' When we look at 'man + plural,' we have a vowel change in the word . . . as the morph that produces the 'irregular' plural form men."(George Yule, The Study of Language, 4th ed. Cambridge Univ. Press, 2010)

What is the relationship between morpheme and phoneme?

A morpheme is a distinctive sound in speech. A phoneme is a set of morphemes which actually change meaning. For example if we in English take the sound "r" and consider making it longer "rrr" we could, if we pay attention, agree it is a different sound. It is a different morpheme. But if someone speaks like that it would just be an accent, it would not actually change the meaning. They are different morphemes but the same phoneme.

What is the difference between morpheme and word?

The primary difference between a word and a morpheme is that a word is freestanding, where a morpheme may or may not be. For example, the morpheme "star" can stand by itself, but the morpheme "-s" cannot.

How many morphemes in the word cats?

The word "cats" has only one morpheme. However, because of the "s" at the end of the word it is considered an allomorph or variant form of it.

What is the difference between morpheme and phoneme?

A morpheme is the smallest unit of language that has meaning. For example Cats has two morphemes- cat (singular) and -s (plural). Uneventful has three morphemes. event, -ful, and un-. Each morpheme changes the meaning of the word. A phoneme is the sound that can change the meaning of a word. For example cat and cut are two different words because they have two different phonemes, the sound "a" and the sound "u".

Is rode a free morpheme?

Yes, "rode" is a free morpheme. It is lexical (has meaning) and can stand alone.

What is a free morpheme?

A free morpheme is a morpheme that can stand alone, as opposed to a bound morpheme. The word "swordfish", for instance, is made of two free morphemes: sword and fish. The word "selfish", on the other hand, includes a free morpheme (self) and a bound morpheme (the suffix -ish).

What is the difference between morpheme and syllable?

A morpheme is the smallest unit that adds meaning to a word, but a syllable does not have to have any meaning. A morpheme can stand alone as a word, or be part of a word.

What is a free base morpheme?

It's a word that can stand on its own, but is being used as the base for some word you're considering. The base morpheme of "easier" is "easy". "Easy" is a free morpheme because it can stand on its own as a word. "-er" isn't a free morpheme because it doesn't mean anything unless you attach it to a word.

What is a bound morpheme?

A bound morpheme is a linguistic unit that cannot stand alone. It is usually a prefix or a suffix like un-,de-, -er

What is the definition of morph in linguistics?

morph noun(linguistics) An allomorph: one of a set of realizations that a morpheme can have in different contexts.A morpheme is the smallest language unit that has a meaning. The meaning part of a morpheme is called a sememe. The pronunciation part of a morpheme is called a morph.One morpheme can have several morphs, appearing in complementary distribution. They are then called allomorphs. For example, the plural morpheme of English (-s) connects three allomorphs ([s] of cats, [z] of dogs and [iz] of foxes) to one sememe (plurality).According to John Lyons, "When the word can be segmented into parts these segments are referred to as morphs". Thus the word 'teacher' can be analyzed in two morphs which can be written as teach and er, and in a phonological transcription /ti:tf/ and /er /. Each morph represents a particular morpheme-- M.R.SETHI

What does each letter in new years resolution stand for?

It doesn't "stand" for anything. It's a graphical representation of a phoneme or part of one.

What is the difference between a morpheme and a phoneme?

A Morpheme is an elements which make up a word. In other words, a morpheme is the smallest meaningful part which a word can be divided. It classified into two, free morpheme and bound morpheme. Free morphemes can stand alone to make meaning like; 'inter' as in international, 'able' as in reasonable. and bound morphemes are meaningless unit like 'ir' as in irregular, 'ed' as in booked. e.g; the word ''boys'' consists of two morpheme, each has lexical meaning. 'Boy' is meaningful unit and 's' is anothe minimal unit with meaning, because it has turn ''boy'' to other meaning. Phonemes on the other hand, is dealt with speech sound unit upon which the word meaning can change when the phoneme is changed. e.g: in word ''slap'' when 'l' is removed it turns to ''sap'' and each are grammartically corret but, they have different meaning. Also in ''tip'' can change to ''sip''. Here, we see some changes of sound which make the meaning of the words alterred. Now, the defferences can be sum up as follows: A Morphame is dealt with words formation. While, a phoneme mainly dealt with sounds of the word. A morphame is word changes/formation technique through affixation. While, a phonemes can change the word's meaning through slightly changes of some sound in particuler word. A Morpheme unit, can be added to the root word to formed another grammartical class of word. While, a phonemes has nothing to do with this. Some Morphame are meaningful. While, phonemes cannot stand alone to make meaning. Finaly, each has relation in the creation of new words and in the use of minimal units like, p, is, ir, t, d, ed e.t.c

How do you use morpheme in a sentence?

Morpheme is a noun. The word "write" is an example of a morpheme. A single morpheme word is sometimes called a root or base word.

What does the prefix word less mean?

A prefixes is a bound morpheme that occur before a word.A surfixes is a bound morpheme that occur at the end of a word while a root Words are words that can stand on their own and have meaning.

What are morphemes?

A morpheme is a word or a word element that cannot be divided into smaller meaningful parts. In the word "singing," sing is a morpheme and ing is a morpheme. In the word "friendliest," friend is a morpheme, ly is a morpheme, and est is a morepheme.

What is a morpheme?

A morpheme is an undividable unit of meaning in a language.

Is a deforestation a free or bound morpheme?

Type your answer here... forest is the free morpheme

Is the plural of phoneme phonemes?

Yes, phonemes is the plural of phoneme.

What is the root morpheme in the word replacement?

What is the root morpheme in the word replacement

What are free morphemes and how are they classified?

A free morpheme is a word element (morpheme) that can stand alone as a word. They are also called an unbound morpheme or a free-standing morpheme. Many words in English consist of a single free morpheme. For example, each word in the following sentence is a distinct morpheme: "I need to go now." None of the five words in that sentence can be divided into smaller parts that have meaning. There are two basic kinds of free morphemes: content words and function words. Content words carry most of the content of a sentence. Function words usually perform some kind of grammatical function, carrying little meaning of their own.

Is a phoneme the same as a syllable?

no. phoneme is the smallest unit in a sound in a word.

What is the difference between a morpheme and a morph?

"Morph" is just a shortened form of "morpheme"