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When can a woman take a pregnancy test after how many weeks or days?


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2004-05-21 09:03:15
2004-05-21 09:03:15

For the best results you should wait until you are at least a day late for your period. If you get a negative result, wait a week for your period to start, if it doesn't take another test. Some tests can be taken a few days before your period is supposed to start, read the box to find out which ones have that option.


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14 days after conception a woman can determine pregnancy with a pregnancy test.

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About 280 days. Typical pregnancy is 40 weeks. 40 weeks x 7 days a week would be 280 days.

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it's supposed to be 40 weeks (280 days) but 42 weeks is not uncommon.

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It is not normal to bleed during pregnancy.

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