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For the best results you should wait until you are at least a day late for your period. If you get a negative result, wait a week for your period to start, if it doesn't take another test. Some tests can be taken a few days before your period is supposed to start, read the box to find out which ones have that option.

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Q: When can a woman take a pregnancy test after how many weeks or days?
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How many days can you know that a woman is pregnant?

14 days after conception a woman can determine pregnancy with a pregnancy test.

How many days does a pregnancy result last?

About 280 days. Typical pregnancy is 40 weeks. 40 weeks x 7 days a week would be 280 days.

How Many Days Do You Have Of Pregnancy?

it's supposed to be 40 weeks (280 days) but 42 weeks is not uncommon.

How many days does it take to show a pregnancy on a pregnancy test?

2 weeks after sex the earliest.

How many days is normal to bleed in six weeks of pregnancy?

It is not normal to bleed during pregnancy.

If the crl measures at 22mm how many weeks along is the pregnancy?

about 9 weeks +/- 4 days

If the crl measures at 8.9mm how many weeks along is the pregnancy?

About 6 weeks +/- 3 days.

How many days after sex can you use a pregnancy test?

2 weeks after.

Which mammal has an average length of pregnancy of 50 weeks?

There are many mammals with less and some mammals with more weeks of pregnancy, but the nearest to 50 weeks (350 days) is the Llama, which has a gestation period of 330 days.

If a woman is half way through a 9 month-pregnancy how many weeks along is she?

19 weeks

How many months is pregnancy for a woman?

Normal human gestation period is 40 weeks.

How many days after your suppose to get your period take a pregnancy test?

3 weeks

How many days do you need to take a pregnancy test?

At least 3 weeks

How many days of pregnancy does molly goes n after how many days it gives birth to its fry?

12 weeks after mating

How many days are in a normal pregnancy?

physicians normally guage a pregnancy in terms of weeks, 40 weeks. What 40 weeks means is from the day of your LMP (last menstrual period). 40 weeks: 40weeks * 7days/week = 280days for a normal pregnancy

How many days to it take to get a pregnancy test?

Wait two weeks after unprotected sex before taking a pregnancy test.

How many days after chemical pregnancy do you ovulate?

Generally about two weeks after your m/c

How many weeks is a cat pregnant?

the average length of a cat's pregnancy is 65 days.

How many weeks before you can use pregnancy test?

8-10 days after ovulation

How many days to wait for checking pregnancy test if period is late?

Two weeks

How many weeks is the average woman pregnant?

The average pregnancy lasts for about 40 weeks (after the last period or 38 weeks after conception). The average fertility rate is 2.58 children per woman. So, the average woman is pregnant for about 103 weeks of her life.

How many weeks should you wait to take a pregnancy test?

About 2 weeks after sex, or a couple days after your missed period.

How many weeks are you pregnant if you have 7 weeks and 6 days left?

Normal pregnancy is 40 weeks (37 to 42 weeks is accepted as normal) 40 - 8 weeks = 32 weeks - 1 day = 31 weeks 6 days

I'm 26 weeks pregnant how many months and days do you have left?

You have roughly 14 weeks left because pregnancy lasts 40 weeks

How many weeks in pregnancy?

There should be at least be 40 weeks in pregnancy.