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When can baby mice be separated from the momma mouse?

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Baby mice can be separated from their mommmas at exactly 4 weeks of age or when you notice that they are eating the mouse food, drinking from the water bottle instead of nursing.

I would say 5 weeks or more for females, but to be on the safe side, 4 weeks is a good age for males.

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What is the name of a baby mouse?

Just baby mouse (or if more baby mice)

How can you feed baby mice?

The mother mouse does!

Can the male mouse feed the baby mice?


When can the baby mice be separated?

Baby mice can be separated once they can see and hear and have fur as long as you can tell the difference between a boy and a girl. Because mice can have babies when they are 4 weeks old!

How old does a mouse have to be to reproduce?

The time line for mice goes like this (in weeks):Baby gets it markingsBaby gets furBaby opens eyes and can be heldBaby is weanedBaby can be separated from motherBaby can breedAlthough some mice don't begin to breed until even 10 weeks, if boys and girls are separated they will breed when put back together again.

Whats a baby rat called?

a mice or mouse

What does a baby mouse look like?

A mouse have more of a pinkish color. Baby mice has a kind of "pointy" nose.

How many babys can a mouse have?

A mouse can produce a litter up to 16 baby mice.

What is baby mouse?

Baby mice are usually referred to as pinkies or pups. The scientific name for the common mouse is Mus Musculus.

What do baby mice eat if their mom is gone?

mouse food

What is a baby mice called?

I think the real question is what is a baby mouse called...scallywag.

Can you put male baby mice in with adult males?

No because if you put a baby mouse/mice with adults they would think it's FOOD! Trust me, I had a baby field mouse and I put it in the cage with the adults and it was gone soon.

What is the best advice in caring for baby mice?

The best advice for caring for baby mice would be: do not handle the baby mouse until it is as least one week old. Baby mice a very hard to take care of.

Should a pregnant female mouse be separated from her cage mates?

Yes we had a pregnant mouse who was in a cage with 7 other female mice, so we put her in her own cage. When she has her babies, she will make a nest for them so make sure there is plenty of bedding. If you do not separate them the baby mice might be at risk, although a pregnant mouse can be kept in the same cage. If her babies are in the cage with other mice, she might nip and bite the mice to protect her babies though

Will mom mice foster different baby mice?

Maybe, but you must be careful. The mother mouse might cannibalize it.

Can you put baby mice in with the older mice and will the mother feed them?

You can put baby mice in with adult mice but it has to be their children for the adult mice to feed them.Yes, but you must be very careful. Try not to get to much of your scent on the baby mouse. Sneak the baby in, when the mother mouse is not looking. Only if the baby is about the same age as the ones that are originally the mothers children. You can easily tell by how much fur is on the pinkies, how big, and if their eyes are open. This does not always work, but it can. It depends on the mother, she will decide. Why trust me? I have bred mice for about a year and a half now and i am almost an expert.-experienced mouse breeder, owner, and lover

Are pet mice afraid of being held?

yes the mouse is afraid because i have a baby mouse and when you see a mouse in a field injured you care for it

How much does a baby mice weigh?

On average a newborn mouse weighs 1g.

What do wild baby mice drink?

Wild mama mouse milk. lol

How many legs does a baby mouse have?

All mice have 4 legs. They are mammals.

Do baby mice carry diseases?

It is very likely that a baby mouse may carry a disease, but not all do. It all depends on the habitat and, of course, what the mouse may consume. Mice can also be born with the disease( for example: the hantavirus).

What is the singular of mice?

The word mice is the plural form of mouse. (one mouse, two mice)

How old do baby mice have to be before you can touch them?

A baby mouse must be at least one week old before a person can handle it. Baby mice are very difficult to take raise.

What is the different mouse and mice?

The plural of mouse is mice

Which one is it four mice or four mouse?

Mice. One mouse is a mouse. Mice is more than one. The lady had mice in her house. The cat caught a mouse.