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Quotations are also used to set off the titles of small works, and anytime words are those of someone else (including dialogue).

Quotes are also used about a word to show that the word is being used outside of its normal connotation.

"Marshal, why don't you give Inspector Williams a sample of our 'special' cocktail?"
"Our special cocktail?"
"No Marshal, our 'SPECIAL' cocktail."
"Oh you mean the 'special' cocktail."
"Yes Marshal the 'special' cocktail. You'd like to try our special cocktail wouldn't you Inspector?"
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Quotation marks can also be used to indicate irony or sarcasm, to show the title of a short work such as an article or a poem, or to highlight a specific word or phrase for emphasis or definition.

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Q: When can quotation marks be used in a sentence other than showing dialogue?
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In a dialogue what punctuation is put around the spoken word?

Quotation marks are put around the spoken words in a dialogue.

What punctuation is used to show someone speaking?

Dialogue punctuation is the punctuation you use when writing dialogue in, persay, a story. For example: "The dog is sleeping quietly on the rug," said Marie. The dialogue punctuations are the " " (quotation marks) and the , (comma).

When should quotation marks be used in a sentence?

In which sentence are quotation marks used incorrectly? Ans: Sentence 10

Use quotation in a sentence?

I can't think of a relevant quotation. This sentence should not be bracketed by quotation marks.

What do you call conversation between characters indicated by quotation marks?

Conversation between characters is called dialogue

When using direct quotations in your writing which of the following should be placed outside the set of quotation marks?

In dialogue, periods, commas, question marks, and exclamation points go inside quotation marks. (A semicolon goes outside quotation marks but isn't used much in dialogue, so you don't need to worry about it.)

Where are you going asked dad using quotation marks?

I need to add quotation marks in that sentence

Should in Toto be in quotation marks when used in a sentence?

No, "in Toto" should not be in quotation marks when used in a sentence. It is a Latin phrase meaning "as a whole" and is typically italicized in formal writing.

Can you start a sentence with quotation marks?

You can start a sentence with one quotation mark that is the first of a pair of quotation marks, but there must be additional text between the first and second quotation marks.A sentence can begin with a quotation: "Maybe," she said.A sentence can also consist of only a quotation: "Don't look down."A sentence can begin with a word or phrase in quotation marks that is not a quotation: "Off-label" use of the drug has increased in the past year.

How should quotations fit into a sentence?

when you put a quotation in a sentence you use quotation marks for the quote

What is the common uses of quotation marks?

in a sentence

Do you need quotation when it something you said using the I statement?

Typically, if the words are your own you do not need to enclose them in quotation marks. However, if you specifically mean the words to be understood as dialogue, you should put quotation marks around them.