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Blonde Basketball hair was originally sold in March 2011. Brown basketball hair was sold in February 2013 during the New Admins Special

Blonde basketball hair was sold again in Vintage Gold on January 7, 2013

It is currently not being sold anywhere.

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Q: When can you get the basketball hair in Fantage?
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What is bb hair on fantage?

bb hair on fantage is basketball hair. it is limited and blonde and moves. it is very cool and very popular now on fantage. everyone wants one

How can you get the basketball hair in Fantage?

It was a limited item. I really want it too!

Where do you buy hair on Fantage?

hair salon

What is the gem combo for Alice hair on fantage?

I have the Alice hair on fantage with ecoins and the combo for Alice hair is 3 black gems

How do you buy hair in Fantage?

You can buy hair at the Stellar Salon located downtown in Fantage. If you do not have enough stars then play gmaes to earn some :)

How do you get the electric pink hair on fantage?

You get the Electric Pink Hair from gems.

How do you get the yellow painter hair on fantage?

You get the yellow painter hair from gems.

What is the gem code for frisky hair on fantage?

It's not a rare hair

How do you get different hair in Fantage?

trade in gems and go to the hair salon in downtown

How do you get the agent hair on fantage?

you can buy it at the stellar salon

How do you get the blondie hair on Fantage?

vintage shop at uptown

What does fantage gift cards look like?

It has a girl with blue hair named Michelle. The card says FANTAGE