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Most doctors will send you for your first ultrasound around 8-12 weeks depending on the doctor and your medical history.... If you are bleeding early on you may be sent at 6-7 weeks. At 11-12 weeks you can have a nuchal scan which measures the thickness of the fold at the back of the neck for Down's syndrome, you will also have dating measurements done (if not done earlier) so you know your due date and the blood tests for abnormality can be done accurately. If none of these tests are being done you may not need a scan until 17-20 weeks when a scan is done to check the baby's legs, arms, spine heart, kidneys etc are normal. You may also be able to find out the sex of the baby at this point. It is not really necessary to have a scan at all but most women do have them done if they can afford them.

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Q: When can you get your first ultra sound?
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