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When can you hold a baby hamster?

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no or the mom will eat them

2010-09-02 03:28:28
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Q: When can you hold a baby hamster?
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How do you hold baby hamsters?

u hold it carefully like a baby instead it is a baby hamster

When can I hold my baby Robo dwarf hamster?

Well you should wait about 4 or 5 weeks because if you hold them when they're not of the right age the mother of the hamster may eat the baby because of the scent you gave the hamster from holding it so wait a while unless you want your baby hamster to be eaten.

Can you hold your hamster baby?

i probly would hold them at 2 weeks or when ther eyes open

How long do you have to wait until you can hold baby dwarf hamster?


When can you hold the mom of baby dwarf hamsters?

You can hold any male/female hamster when it's three to five weeks old basicly when you can tell its a male?female hamster

Can you hold a baby hamster?

You really should refrain from touching them because if you get your scent onto them momma hamster may not recognize them and eat them.

How is a hamster helpful?

They are sooo cutee :) if your bored you can play with your hamster and it will pass time also when you hold them its like holding a baby x

How old does the baby hamsters need to be so you can hold them?

You should never hold a baby hamster before they have left their mother at 2 weeks old at least.

How often should you take your baby hamster out of its cage to hold?

If your hamster is weaned, a lot. The more you hold your new pet, the better. This will get you aquainted with it and it with you. Make sure you feed it by hand when you hold it, this will form a bond between you.

How long does a baby hamster stay as a baby hamster?

Until it is not a baby any more

What hamster is the easiest to hold?

Any hamster is easy to hold but is depends on how you treat it but if you want to hold a hamster you need to check its water and food and of course the hamster SO ALWAYS REMEMBER TO TREAT YOUR HAMSTER WITH RESPECT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

How do you make a hamster to go to sleep?

To make your hamster go to sleep If it is a baby you can hold it and just let the head to come out and hold it and rub it head slowly for 30min or more or less (must be more then 15min)

How old does a baby dwarf hamster half to be to pick them up?

It has to be about 3-4 weeks old, then you can hold them.

Will you get infected if a baby hamster bites?

No, probably not. A baby hamster is like a normal hamster, only smaller, and a baby. But my hamster used to bite me a lot and I didn't get infected. so, no you won't.

Why baby hamster eat other baby hamster?

Cuz they're freaks.

When does a baby hamster grow fur?

Well if you have a hairless hamster i just won't. If not then in about 2 weeks. If you feed if good hamster food it grows better/faster. ALso it's much nicer to hold/pet.

What is the name of a baby hamster?

little hamster

When a hamster is born what is it called?

a baby hamster

Your hamster had its baby what do you need to do?

do not touch it or the hamster will eat it you can only touch it if it has fur the mummy hamster will take care of it and it will feed it milk if the mummy hamster ate the baby it means that the baby is dead so really you do not have to do any thing because the mummy hamster will look after it you can watch the baby hamster but do not touch it.

Who gets baby hamster if the female hamster is your friends?

the hamster fairy.

How do you tame a Siberian Dwarf Hamster when it is an adult?

you can't you have to be very nice to it when it a baby and hold it a cerent way or it bites

Can you hold baby hamster babies if there a week old?

No I would wait until they are at least one month old.

Can you hold a baby hamster when it's two weeks old?

Yes, just make sure it doesn't get scared.

Why should you hold your hamster?

You should hold your hamster regulary because then the hamster you may have will become used to you and also fond of you this will make the hamster more happy and it will also be more fun to your hamster.

How do you know when a baby hamster has an eye infection?

How do you know when a baby hamster has an eye infection?