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When can you smoke after having wisdom teeth pulled?

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February 28, 2012 10:50PM

You should absolutely not smoke anything for at least a week after surgery, and preferably two or three weeks. It can result in dry socket, where the clot over the removed tooth is dislodged. Smoking also puts hot, fine particles in your mouth which may cause infection. Mouthwash will not help with either of these problems; quite the contrary, using mouthwash is also not advised for the first few days as it can cause or contribute to dry socket.

If you must smoke due to some severe addiction (rare with marijuana, more frequent with tobacco), try to wait at least a few days (3-5) and be careful not to suck vigorously. Nicotine patches may help you avoid the urge to smoke during this period. Some suggestion has been made that use of antiseptic mouthwashes would be net benefit to help prevent infection when smoking after several days, though care should be taken again to minimize movement at the affected area. If at all possible, just don't smoke anything until the wound has healed.