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Wisdom teeth need to be surgically removed when they become bothersome to the person or they are crowding the other teeth. It is very painful to have them removed.

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Q: When does a wisdom tooth need to be surgically removed?
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How do you pull a tooth with minimal pain?

to get a tooth extracted with minimal pain you need to go to your dentist and get it removed surgically

i have one wisdom tooth on lower right side that came in after all my other teeth were pulled do i need to have it removed befor i have my other dentuers made?

"i have a wisdom tooth on lower right side that came in after all my other teeth were removed do i need to have it removed before i get a set of dentures

Do wisdom tooth extractions affect other teeth?

No. However, not having them removed can. Wisdom teeth are teeth that are not needed. Our mouths were designed to have them but not need them. If they come in and are not straight they are called "impacted". When they become impacted they can cause danger to the roots of other teeth. This is when they need to be removed.

When can a wisdom tooth be removed?

Wisdom teeth usually begin to surface during young adulthood, between ages 18 and 22. Oftentimes, dentists will tell patients with surfacing wisdom teeth that they need to be removed, since wisdom teeth can crowd existing teeth by forcing them to scrunch together.

If your wisdom tooth is loose will it come out?

Possibly, but a loose wisdom tooth is a sign of other problems that need attention from a dentist.

Will a wisdom tooth come out itself when it is loose?

Maybe,Because My mum has a wisdom tooth too and she had it itself grow out But idk!I need to ask my mum,I have a wisdom tooth too and im only 10!:(

Does wisdom teeth extraction require sedation?

Wisdom teeth extraction can, but does not always, require sedation. In some cases, local anesthetic in the gums can be used instead of general anesthesia. Full sedation is typically only required if one's wisdom teeth become impacted and need to be surgically removed.

Need to get a tooth removed?

See a dentist

What is the difference between a root canal and having wisdom teeth removed?

A root canal would almost never be done on a Wisdom Tooth. But it is when they open the top of the tooth and remove all of the nerves in the roots. They leave the roots and fill them with a special material. Then they put a filling in the tooth. The tooth will also need a crown put on it to keep it healthy. Having your Wisdom Teeth removed is when they take out the very last molars in your mouth. They are called Wisdom Teeth. Very few people have room for these teeth to fit properly in their mouth. Each person has one on the top right, top left, bottom right and bottom left; four wisdom teeth. A root canal is done to save a tooth and keep it in mouth. The removal of a tooth consists of extracting it. Which is better? Depends on many factors. Can you use your wisdom tooth if you keep it? Will that wisdom tooth replace another molar that has previously extracted? The best would be to discuss it with your dentist.

Can you pierce your belly button with an earring?

No because you need to be able to get it out or else it will get infected and need to be surgically removed.

Do you need someone to pick you up if you are getting one wisdom tooth removed?

yes because of the gas they use you'll act all crazy mabye even hitting someone so therefore someone needs to bring you home after getting our wisdom teeth removed

Do you need to fast prior to a tooth extraction that is not a wisdom tooth?

No. You shouldn't but you should double check with the dentist.

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