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I would't recomend touching them until they have been alive for at least 16 days. They have to have their eyes open. But be careful! The mom may be very protective, and she may bite. If you touch them before 16 days they mom will eat the baby. If their is an emergancy, burn the bottom of a spoon, to sterilize it. Don't touch it. Make sure it's not too hot though, so blow on it a little bit. Then gentley move the hamster pup back with the litter.

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Do father teddy bear hamsters eat their babies?

Yes, the father teddy bear hamsters do eat their babies so if your hamster has babies separate the male from them.

How many babies do teddy bear hamsters have hamsters have?

Any kind of hamster usually has 4-8 babies at a time, but hamsters can have up to 18 babies at a time.

How old do teddy bear hamsters have to be to have babies?

They have to be at least nine i had teddy bear hamsters once and they ate each other but then I got two more and they bread when they were 12

How many babies can a teddy bear hamster have in one litter?

my teddy bear hamster had 10; i think hamsters can have up to 12 or 13. my teddy bear hamster had 10; i think hamsters can have up to 12 or 13. my teddy bear hamster had 10; i think hamsters can have up to 12 or 13.

Are teddy bear hamsters nice?

yes teddy bear hamsters are really nice hamsters.

How many babies do teddy bear hamsters have in a litter?

Around four to eight.

How long do teddy bear hamsters carry their babies?

16 to 18 days.

Are long haired hamsters teddy bear hamsters?

Teddy bear hamsters are just long haired syrian hamsters.

How fat are teddy bear hamsters when they are having babies?

About their normal size but they are noticabley larger.

Can a teddy bear and a panda bear hamster mate?

They are both hamsters so they can mate but the babies might not survive.

Can dwarf hamsters and teddy bear hamsters be in one cage?

no, teddy bear hamsters are very territorial and will fight the other hamster.

Which breeds live longer Teddy bear hamsters or black bear hamsters?

Actually, black bear and teddy bear hamsters are the same. They each live about three years.

How big are teddy bear hamsters?

teddy bear hamsters are 6 to 7 inches (15 to 17cm) in length.

What kinds of nuts can I feed our Teddy Bear Hamsters?

you can feed teddy bear hamsters unsalted and unroasted nuts.

Do teddy bear hamsters like being held?

Most teddy bear hamsters love being held.

How big do teddy bear hamsters get-?

On average, teddy bear hamsters grow to be 4-5 inches in length.

Do Syrian hamsters act the same waye as teddy bear hamsters?

Pretty much, the only difference is that teddy bear hamsters have longer fur

How long do teddy bear hamsters fur grow?

about 1 month it, but it's not the same for all teddy bear hamsters

Do teddy bear hamsters pee on people?

Teddy bear hamsters aren't alive they can't pee on you it's impossible.

Are teddybear hamsters Russian hamsters?

No, teddy bear hamsters are Syrian hamsters.

Why are teddy bear hamsters called teddy bear hamsters?

they are called teddybear hamsters because they have lots of fur and look like a bear they are big like a bear also Teddy bear hamsters are called Teddy bears because of their resemblance to a mini bear They both bite, are omnivorous, and are super cute. I believe that they are just sooo cute! Hope this helps!

Can teddy bear hamsters have popcorn?


How many babies does a teddy bear hamster have?

A Syrian hamster can have between about 5-15 hamsters but on average has about 10

Teddy Bear Teddy Bear turn around?

Teddy bear. Teddy bear. Touch the ground. O-o -Teddy Bear, teddy bear tie your shoes. Teddy bear teddy bear, I love you.

Do female teddy bear hamsters go in heat?

yes teddy bear hamsters go into heat. every 3-4 days

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