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Q: When cash crops began to be raised in the Central Highland Farms of the Kikuyu many government officials?
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What does kikuyu mean in Swahili?

Not a Swahili word. It is the name of a tribe in Central Kenya, often spelled Gikuyu. In Swahili the word appears as follows:Mkikuyu, a KiyuyuWakikuyu, the Kikuyu peopleUkikuyu, the land of the Wakikuyu

Where did kikuyu tribe originated from?

The Kikuyu tribe originated from the region that is now central Kenya. They are known as Bantu people who migrated to the area hundreds of years ago. The Kikuyu tribe has a rich history and cultural heritage that is intertwined with the land they have called home for generations.

How do you say no in Kikuyu language?

No can be translated into Kikuyu language as asha.

What does ngui mean in kikuyu?

"Ngui" means "dog" in Kikuyu, which is one of the languages spoken by the Kikuyu ethnic group in Kenya.

How do you say how in Kikuyu language?

In Kikuyu language, "how" is translated as "nĩ ũmĩ".

How do you say yes in Kikuyu language?

Yes can be translated into Kikuyu language as niguo.

What is the Kikuyu and Hutu are both from which linguistic group?

The Kikuyu belong to the Bantu linguistic group, while the Hutu belong to the Central Bantu subgroup within the Bantu language family. Both languages share common linguistic roots and structures.

What are the kikuyu settlements like?

Kikuyu settlements typically consist of compounds with multiple houses for extended families, surrounded by farmland or grazing land for livestock. The houses are often made of mud and thatch or modern materials like brick and corrugated iron. Traditional Kikuyu settlements are organized around a central meeting place for community gatherings and social events.

How do you say Today in Kikuyu language?

Today can be translated into Kikuyu language as omothe.

How do you say night in Kikuyu language?

Night can be translated into Kikuyu language as utuku.

How do you say table in Kikuyu language?

Table can be translated into Kikuyu language as metha.

How do you say morning in Kikuyu language?

Morning can be translated into Kikuyu language as rushine.