When charge iphone4 with usb cable then don't said charge is complete?

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tell me how do i know my iphone4 charge complete with usb cable ?
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Can you charge your psp using a usb wire?

1 - Turn your playstation portable On . *2 - Go to Settings . *3 - In the settings options go to System Settings . *4- In the system settings,select USB charge and press the button. *5 - Choose ON and press the button to enable USB charging.If at any time you wish t ( Full Answer )

Can you charge your pentax camera using your usb?

Knowing how to charge electronics is important. Yes, a person cancharge their Pentax camera using their usb cable, as long as it isplugged into something that has a USB port.

How do you charge your psp with USB cord?

when you cut on your psp u go to setting and scroll down till you see usb connection and then you press the button and plug ur usb in and there you go

What charge does the complete atom have?

"Complete atom" sounds like a neutral atom - same number of protons and electrons. If you add or remove some electrons, you will have a non-zero electric charge. .

How do you complete Mario Strikers Charged?

This is very easy if you want the Campaign you must choose a reasonable character like DK or Wario(my winners of the game) but you can choose whoever you want so when you select your character and his/her sidekicks i use dry bones koopa and hammer bro those are all good characters the fire cup is bo ( Full Answer )

Why isn't my psp charging from my USB?

well if you onlu have you computer connected to the psp because its only a data cable you nned that wall charger that you get with it to charge it and then choose usb mode THEN you can start to charge it on your computer

When is a body said to be charged?

A body is said to be charged when it gains or loses excess of electrons. for example, when it gains 1 electron it becomes negatively charged nd when it loses electrons, it becomes positively charged!

Difference between usb data cable and usb charging cable used for mobile phone fly b430?

What's a USB charging cable? It's a USB cable with the 2 data pins shorted out. Whether we're talking 1.0, 2.0 or 3.0, there are still two kinds of cables. The ones that ship with phones are called Data cables. For wall chargers, you're better off with an honest to goodness charging cable. All the ( Full Answer )

Can you charge a canon rebel xsi with the usb?

no the camera is not able to be charged with the usb because the battery has a input on the camera but no output the battery needs to be in the wall charger

Can a laptop be charged via USB port?

No cause kuz they ccant charge betweet 2 diff. thingz lyk dhat ihts impossable Sorry i tried iht a while bak kuz muh bruther took muh charger

Effect of charging current in the cable?

The three forms of energy will be released at different quantities depending on what your cable is made of (resistance), what is it hooked to (light bulb or transformer, etc.), how much charge (amps, volts, wattage), coiled or uncoiled. They are: Conduction = heat/energy moving through object/s ( Full Answer )

Can you charge a laptop through a USB cord?

unfortunatly no, ive tryed and its because the usb plug does not take in power, so basically its only used to connect two devices, not flow power between them.

Can use a usb cable to charge your PlayStation move controller?

You can use the USB cable that came with the PS3 for charging the Dual Shock controller to also charge the Move controller. However the Dual shock controller could charge while you played and the Move controller is not supposed to be plugged in while using it.

Can an LG Voyager be charged with a USB cord?

Yes it can. My question is, "Why are you holding on to that voyager? I know, its the only offering from Verizon with mobile tv. But the touch screen is crap and will give out in a little over 6 to 8 months. We've had 2 in this family. Same problem.

Can you charge your PSP with a USB cable if the battery runs out?

The PSP can be charged over USB when it is in USB mode. You may have to specifically enable this option in the PSP's settings. Also you might not be able to even begin charging if the PSP's own battery can't boot the PSP and allow it to go into USB mode.

Can you charge a psp3001 with a usb cord?

It depends on what you plug the other end into. You can plug it into a PS3, a wall adapter, to name a couple. It really does depend on which kind of cord it is.

Can you charge a net-book via usb?

Nothing prevents the design of a netbook which can draw power from a USB host, similar to the way many smart phones or tablet computers do. However, most PC, laptop or netbook devices are designed as USB host devices, providing (limited) power to and managing communications with USB peripheral dev ( Full Answer )

Can you use a DS charge cable to charge a DSi XL?

No. The DS charge cable has a different connector than the DSi family of systems. The DS' charge cable can only be used to charge a DS or a Game Boy Advance SP, whereas the DSi's charge cable can charge a DSi, DSi XL or 3DS.

How do charge a ps3 controller without usb?

There is only one way to charge a PS3 controller without using a usb charge cable. You will have to purchase a charging station for your PS3 controller and use that instead. This however still technically uses usb to charge, it just does not use a long cable..

When an atom is said to be charged?

Ordinarily, atoms are electrically neutral, for they have an equal number or electrons and protons. If however, some of the electrons have been stripped off, then the atom will have a nett positive charge. In this condition, it may be accelerated and steered by electrical forces. (Or magnetic forces ( Full Answer )

Can you be charged with DWI if you don't blow?

Yes, you can be issued a citation and then charged with a DUI if you don't submit a breathalyzer. You don't need to be under the influence of alcohol, it could be prescriptions or over the counter medicine, if the officer thinks you are impaired, he can cite you. And you can lose your license for ( Full Answer )

Why don't digital cameras charge from USB while plugged in?

because they're not built to allow it . because some use batteries that take more power than theUSB-port can provide to charge . because then you'd have to have the charging circuitry in thecamera, to know when the battery is charged. . because batteries go warm when they're being charged. If you ( Full Answer )

How do you charge a ps3 controller without a usb cable?

Charging the controller is done only with a USB and USB mini combined cable.. That's how the power will get to the controller entering the controller through the mini USB that the cable is plugged into. How do you enpect to charge it without something to get the power to it. There are also the charg ( Full Answer )

Will the PlayStation 3 wireless controller still work if it's not charging connected via USB cable?

The PlayStation 3 wireless controller will still work even if it isn't charging when connected via the USB cable. It will not delay the charging time at all to use the controller while it is charging using the charging cable and should be fully charged within 2 hours for the Dual Shock 3 controller. ( Full Answer )

How can you charge your phone with a usb?

You can use a USB cable plugged into your phone to charge it by either plugging it into a wall plug or car jack that has a USB port or into a power source like a laptop. If you plug into a laptop, generally the power needs to be turned on in order to funnel power to the USB jack. You'll know it's ( Full Answer )

Why does my Kurio Xtreme not charge completely?

It sounds like your battery is getting 'tired.' Since many peopleignore the recommendations for charging batteries (me included !),a battery's life can be drastically shortened by overcharging orpartial charging. Old batteries take longer to charge, and theydischarge much more quickly than new ones. ( Full Answer )

How do you modify a USB cable to a Micro USB cable to charge an iPod touch?

I would strongly recommend against modifying the cableitself in any way. You will almost certainly break it! There are inexpensive adapters available to convert standard USB toMicro USB and Mini USB to Micro USB. However the cost of just buying the correct USB cable for your iPodtouch isn't very m ( Full Answer )